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Collections To Be Displayed At The Vogue Fashion Week 2018

Fashion is the new language spoken by the people all over the world. It has become a platform to showcase one’s creativity and innovation. The entire world was a mess till fashion was not introduced in it.

Then the world had witnessed a revolutionary change in the way men and women embraced fashion. There are many fashion designers who have launched their collections to the people worldwide.

Their collection is a replica of their own personality and how they perceive fashion. Many youngsters have come forward to learn and apprehend this art. They also aim to try their hand in this industry.

The fashion industry has come too far in the past few years. Thanks to the revolutionary ideas and creativity the fashion designers has displayed all over. People also have openly accepted and appreciated their work.

Fashion weeks can be called as the festivals of the fashion designers. Many designers eagerly wait for these fashion weeks to display their work to the world. Many deserving and potential designers also get an opportunity to work with top fashion weeks on international platform.

There are various fashion weeks conducted every season and every year. But the most famous and the grand fashion shows are conducted by the Vogue Fashion Week. And this trend is expected to be continued in the future as well.

Any idea which designers will showcase their collection this season? No! Don’t worry! We have come up with a list of some top collections that will be ruling the New York Fashion Week for 2018

We know you are also very eager and excited to witness the magnificent runway walks of the top international models.

Paco Rabanne –

This collection was showcased by Jullien Dossena. She has an exemplary intelligence to showcase the climate on her creative fashion apparels. She is known for her mix and match, hippy aesthetic and ultimate modern outlook. She has an amazing collection of slp dresses, narrow sarongs, deftly silhouettes and so on.

Louis Vuitton –

Known for a world of its collection, this designer will surely rule the ramp this season. It has always come up with ready to wear apparels. The designer said he was looking for an edge between the real life and media streams. This included high end fabrics like space suit sleeves, molded rubber, etc.

Apart from these various other collections will be Dries Van Noten, Loewe, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Chanel, etc.

What is the purpose of a Fashion Week?

As the name suggests, a fashion week is a fashion event which lasts for a week long time. It is basically a week long saga where different fashion designers get a chance to showcase their creativity and art to the audience worldwide. Many national and international models are a part of these fashion shows walking for the designers. The models are made to wear the designer clothes and jewelery and walk on the fashion show ramp showcasing their apparels. A fashion show can be conducted for various purposes like:

  • Displaying talent – The first and foremost purpose of a fashion week is to give a chance to the fashion designers to display their work and talent to the world. It takes months of preparation and practice for this day. Many designers want to display their unique creativity in the form of accessories, bags or headgears in the fashion shows.
  • Attract audience – Another major reason for conduction a fashion show is to attract the global audience. Designers wish to attract more and more customers who are willing to purchase their apparels. So by participating in a fashion week, they will get a chance to attract their prospective customers.
  • Make an international mark – Many designers want to make an international mark for their brand on a global scale. International fashion market is highly competitive and it requires a lot of efforts to make a place for a brand in it.
  • Charity – Many designers wish to work on a humanitarian path. They are content and happy with their current status in the fashion industry and wish to do something for the society as well. They have tie ups with various charitable trusts and donate the funds collected by a fashion week. This is their way to give back to the society and its people who played a vital role in the success of a brand.

Moreover, fashion designers crave for an international recognition. Therefore, they work hard to get a chance in the world’s top fashion weeks.