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Places No Human Has Ever Gone

The inquisitive nature of humans and the advancement in technologies has led humans to explore almost every corner of the world. Humans have left their imprints even in the space but still there are some places where humans have never gone. Neither does it seem that anyone will ever be able to explore these places.

1. Siberian Sakha Republic-

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No one has ever been to the Siberian Sakha Republic due to its natural setting. The entire region of this federal subject of  Russia is buried under permafrost and has remained unaltered since many years. It is frozen solid and there is no hope that it may defreeze or melt.  

This entire region is larger than Argentina and is slightly smaller in area as compared to India. It contains almost one- fifth of the total area of Russia. The temperatures go down up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, making human survival very difficult. This is the reason why no one explores this deadly cold region. Sakha also has the Verkhoyansk Range, the coldest place in the whole of the Northern Hemisphere. It is impossible to even walk through such places, let alone explore them.

2. Vale do Javari-

You will be amazed to know that there is still a place in the world where people do not even know what a cycle or a wheel is. The Javari Valley is a territory located in Brazil which occupies more area than the entire Austria.  The people here are unaware of the outside world. There are several people living here but none has ever been to any place outside and are unaware of what’s happening across the globe. Though we cannot say that this place is unexplored but yes there are no details about this place and neither has anyone visited this valley. They barely know anything about anything.

It is a home to around 3000 indigenous people and around two third are unaware about the happenings of the outside world. The Brazilian government does not allow any travelers in this region and keeps a strict watch on this region through aerial support. The reason for this ban is that the  Brazilian government wants to preserve the natural habits and lifestyle of these people. It may be very tempting to visit such a place but for now we have to wait and I think we must respect their personal space which they have preserved for so long.

3. The Mariana Trench-

It is a name that we read in the geography books. This trench is the deepest known place on the Earth. It is a crescent shaped depression and like any other underwater place remains unexplored. It is believed that it is as deep as 36,070 feet but these are not the exact figures. It is almost impossible to know the depth of this place. This trench is a crescent-like depression and is underwater,  like many other unexplored areas.

Even if the highest peak in the world i.e. The Mount Everest is submerged in its water, the topmost peak would still be a whole mile below the surface. Nevertheless to mention that no one knows what lies under those waters and what may surface from it in the near future. This trench is a US National monument.

4. Gangkhar Puensum-

This isn’t the highest peak in the world but it is the highest known peak that has not yet been climbed. Its English translation means “white peak of the three spiritual brothers”. The height of this peak is around seventy five hundred meters and the only reason why no one has ever climbed this peak is due to its sacredness for the local people of Bhutan, living in its vicinity.  

An official ban was put into effect in 1994 and mountaineering in the area was completely banned in 2003. Before the bans, there were a few people that tried to scale the mountain in the mid to late eighties. But the adverse weather conditions did not allow them to do so.

The area cannot even be mapped correctly due to the lack of exploration. The locals in the area are very strict about their beliefs and so this place shall remain unexplored for another few decades until some magic changes the mindset of the residents here.

5. Kamchatka-

This is a peninsular region with active volcanoes. The lava of the volcano makes it a dangerous place. For past two decades a volcano has been constantly active in this area, ever since 1996. This deadly peninsula is located in Russia and no one can dare to explore this place.

This island area alone has 300 volcanoes and any entry here is banned by the Russian government. Only the military can have access to this place. Since it is an island, it does not pose any threat to the rest of the country. A volcano can erupt any second here so it is better no one travels to this boiling hot place.

6. Son Doong Cave-

It is true that the deepest secrets can never be revealed. So is the case with this cave. It is the world’s largest cave. The reason why it is unexplored is its rough and difficult topography. It is a part of the modern-day Vietnam. We are sure that many explorers must have tried to dig deep into this cave but the five-and-a-half mile long cave is blocked by a calcite wall.

The calcite wall is two hundred feet high and hence is one of the largest natural barriers in the world. This is the biggest barrier that prevents all researchers and explorers from discovering this place. But the beauty around the cave is mesmerizing. It has its own jungle and river. That is enough in itself to have a good camp night here.

7. Star Mountains-

The Star mountains are located in Papua, New Guinea. This is one of the longest and wettest mountain ranges in the world. The obvious reason for it being the wettest is that it gets a huge amount of rain. On average, it goes up to 10,000 mm per year. These mountains have a really interesting ecosystem with huge limestone plateaus and the rarest of rare species.  As per a single survey conducted, over a thousand species are found in this mountainous terrain and at least a hundred of these are not to be found in any other place.

8. The Yucatan Cenotes-

Another unexplored cave. Cenotes are caves that are formed when the limestone bedrock collapses. Due to this, the groundwater is exposed and the caves become inaccessible for humans. To imagine walking in these caves is a nightmare due to the slimy and dreadful conditions. Some of the caves are underwater which makes it impossible to even get near them. These caves are known for their creepy factor as well, not even fishes are present in this part of the ecosystem.

9. Gangkhar Puensum-

Counted amongst the top 40 highest peaks in the world this mountain region is a part of the Himalayan Terrain and this particular peak has not been climbed by anyone. This peak is located in Bhutan and has an elevation of over 7000 meters. It isn’t like no mountaineer has ever tried climbing this peak but the tough weather conditions failed the attempt of some hikers in the 80s and the 90s.

10. Namib Desert-

These deserts have been unexplored because of its remoteness and extreme weather conditions. This is the most unexplored of the world’s desert. The desert itself has very limited population with no road connections. Namibia is a young country as it gained its independence in 1990 and most of the population lives in the northern region.