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Visit the Piano Man Jazz Club for a night full of good music

Visit the Piano Man Jazz Club for a night full of good music

The Piano Man Jazz Club, situated in Safdarjung Enclave is that London jazz club you always wanted to visit but well, you can't. Not right now, at least.

TPMJC is a tiny place with just enough space to accommodate all the music lovers, people who appreciate good music, wine and food.

Clubbing fanatics don't read further, this isn't for you.

The first time I went to this place, I was bored, I thought Jazz isn't my thing. Then I went again and then again, and now there's not a single weekend when I can resist myself. You'll fall in love with this place. You'll want to bring every friend of yours to this club.

TPMJC is a place dedicated to musicians, you're asked to keep quiet when the performances are going on, they don't care about how much they make from the bar, all they care about is the efforts of their musicians. You get to meet intellectual people here, people involved in art, NGO workers are regulars here; the last time I was here, I made friends from Nepal. Bottom line- this place has a good decent crowd.

They have different bands performing every night from Jazz, Blues, Latin, Spanish to Bollywood with a touch of jazz, name any genre and they have it here. They get well known bands to perform. Recently they even had a band from London play for them

TPMJC also gives a chance to new musicians, every Sunday after 11 pm. Just get your favorite instrument and climb the stage. Everyone pays attention to you and listen to you with all their heart, you'll never feel like your efforts went in vain.

TPMJC also has a bakery on the second floor and a fine dining restaurant on the third floor, a rooftop restaurant perfect for your date night.

So I'm saying, if you like music, food and good cocktails and can sit quietly and appreciate music just like everyone here does, head to this place. They have a complete line up of all the artists on their website and Facebook page.

The club charges a nominal entry fees of Rs. 300 on Saturdays and there's no entry charge on any other day. I would recommend getting a reservation as soon as possible, The TPMJC is usually overbooked.

Secret: The owner is a crazy pianist, stay for long, till 1 A.M, if possible and you'll get to witness his amazing skills. Honestly, I have never seen a better pianist yet. He's usually on the keys once the official band's performance is over. He plays the piano and also sings. I think the club is named after him only.

So, on a glance:-

Name: The Piano Man Jazz Club
Address: Commercial Market, Safdarjung Enclave
Price for two: Rs. 1800 with alcohol
For: Music lovers

Let me know your experience in the comment box down below