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Five underrated artists you should be experimenting with

Five underrated artists you should be experimenting with

Musicians like Dhinchak Pooja gets million of views and here are some gems
no one gives any attention. Isn't it sad?

The amount of effort which goes into making music is enormous and when people get left out just because their luck didn't work or they didn't write
another Closer, it's disheartening.

Being a musician and having a platform to write, I would want to give them
yours attention which they deserve.

1) Cigarettes after sex

Cigarettes after sex sounds melancholic and pop at the same time. It feels
like they recorded their songs inside a hot box. They are my favourite underrated artists of all time and an absolute recommendation for you. Cigarettes after sex songs you should be listening: K, Nothing's gonna hurt you baby, Apocalypse

2) Jason Mraz

I still can't digest the fact that people don't know about him. He's the opposite of CAS, and gives a positive good kind of a feel in his songs. He writes about how everything around us is so beautiful; it's just that we don't realise it. Jason Mraz is best experienced live, binge watch his videos, you'll drop your jaw.

Jason Mraz's songs you should be listening: Best friend, I'm yours, 3 things, Lucky

3) Kodaline

Their song 'All I want' was featured in 'The fault in our stars', the famous movie based on John Green's book. They were ignored, no one gave a shit. Kodaline has the power to give you eargasms.

Kodaline songs you should be listening: All I want, High Hopes, Talk

4) The Lumineers

I fell in love with this band when I heard their song 'Sleep on the floor'. They have a storyline going in their videos, the whole thing connects when you watch them in sequence. The use of piano in The Lumineers songs (Specially Sleep on the floor) is breathtaking and it adds a very classic and sad feeling to their songs.

The Lumineers songs you should be listening: Sleep on the floor, Angela,

5) Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a mystery till date. He burned himself on the stage and skipped the oscar ceremony, he was asleep when he won the oscar. A movie named 'Searching for Sugar Man' is based on him, you should totally give it a watch.

Rodriguez's songs you should be listening: I wonder, Sugar Man

Special mention: Lord Huron

Not so underrated, he just got famous. His song 'The night we met' which was featured in the Netflix series '13 reasons why' is a really beautiful song. Listen it if you haven't already.

I hope you give them your ears and feel their music. I didn't write about any EDM, funky or rock artist, these artist write songs which are deep, which you need to understand and if you listen them with all your heart they will leave an impact on you which no EDM or Chainsmoker's song can. Close the lights, put your earphones on and listen to them in silence. You can thank me later!