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The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Suicidal Behaviour That Can Save Lives!

Some people think that suicide is the only way out for their suffering. It is not true, and suicide can be prevented if the suicidal behaviour can be traced at the right time. But what can you do to save your loved ones? There are some indications given by the people with suicidal tendencies. If you are good at reading them, then you can definitely save the person.

So let us save lives together, shall we? Take a look at the 10 things that will be beneficial for you to identify suicidal behaviour among individuals.

The 10 Suicidal Behaviour Signs

  1.    Sadness or moodiness – is any of your close friend in depression? Do you know someone who has long-lasting sadness? If yes then you need to check up on them immediately. People having long-lasting mood swings and sadness are more gullible to suicide. Save them before its too late.
  2.    Calmness – if you see someone sad or depressed suddenly becoming calm and serene then it is probably because they have made up their mind to end their life. Save the person at the right time, identify the silence.
  3.    Withdrawal – know someone depressed who prefers isolation? People prone to suicide are likely to withdraw themselves from social activities or friends. Mark this behaviour and immediately contact the suicide helpline if you see someone with withdrawal symptoms.
  4.    Personality change – anyone who is thinking of doing suicide will show a sudden change in their appearance or personality. They will be unusually slow or speedy in their action and will stop caring about their appearance.
  5.    Sudden trauma – traumas often trigger suicidal behaviour among individuals. If you know someone who had a recent breakup or lost someone close, got a major shock, lost a job, etc. then make sure you support them.
  6.    Preparations – if you are suspicious about someone committing suicide then check out if they have started making preparations for their departure. Are they suddenly meeting all the close people? Are they writing notes? Are they buying pills? Keep a track.
  7.    Threatens about suicide – a person who is seriously considering suicide as an option will often speak about ending his or her life casually or will threaten another person with it. Pay extra attention.
  8.    Helplessness – if you suddenly find them being hopeless or helpless then they might have accepted their death in mind. Save the person before its too late.
  9.    Substance abuse –a lot of people tend to take up drugs when they are seriously considering ending their lives.
  10.    Anger – sudden anger outburst are common among the suicidal people. In fact, this is one of the most common suicidal behaviours that is found among individuals.

So these are the 10 things you should know about Suicidal Behaviour. Knowing them and properly identifying them at the right time can save loads of lives. Know someone going through a rough phase? make sure you do your part because suicide is not the way to end misery or pain!