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Save the planet, make your workspace greener


It is very difficult for us to give up our luxuries, we want to help the planet get greener and healthier but we are not doing anything for it. We all have great beliefs in getting our planet better and we even know ways how to do it, but often we are too lazy and we can't afford that amount of time or effort to put in. but going green is not that difficult a task, it's not like you have to stop eating or showering to go green; it’s just few simple steps that you should try implementing in your life. So here are a few steps that you should do to make our planet greener!

  1. Recycle, you will feel good:
    Many of the offices these days are making their employees practice recycling of trash. But still there are tonnes of offices that still don’t, it is pretty stupid from our side to not take steps to save energy, space, water and other such resources. So look it up, the things which can be recycled and the ones which cant be. Get two different trash cans one for recyclable and other for the non-recyclable objects. Ask your boss to get a recycling can, all you have to do is send one mail. Not that hard, huh?
  2. Go Paperless, technology is really advanced:
    Using tonnes of papers these days is a pretty stupid thing to do. In the high-tech era, we don't really have to print so much and there is lesser paperwork also. So if you work in an office where they stress to get everything printed from work itinerary to getting all powerpoint presentations printed unnecessarily, you should try telling them to go paperless. Try sending emails and working on laptops more. Trying out paperless meetings or at least getting stuff printed on both the sides of the paper, you will cut down to 50% less paper usage.

  3. Brown Bags, they look better also:
    The term "brown-bagging" doesn't actually mean that you have to just use brown bags. It just means using environment-friendly containers and avoiding polybags. Investing in Tupperware is actually a very intelligent way to go green. When grabbing takeaway lunch from restaurants try avoiding their plastic utensils and carry your own environment-friendly containers. A very small portion of Plastic objects can be recycled so it's better to avoid them, in this way you will be producing lesser waste.
  4. Conserve Energy, well, that’s obvious:
    We all have a very bad habit of keeping our laptops and phones charging even after they are completely charged. We often forget that leaving the plug point on consumes just as much power. So, remember to switch the button off, keep your laptops on sleep mode while not working on them or at least keep their brightness low. Including such ways in your day to day life can help you save modes of energy.

Humans have a bad habit of taking things for granted, we often tend to overuse or exhaust our supplies in our laziness. If we do not take steps to get our planet green quickly, there will be tough repercussions that we would have to face in the future.