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Things to do before you turn 25

Strike that off the bucket list

Things to do before you turn 25

We spend most of our lives listening to our parents and never doing anything we would really like to do.  But there comes a time when you just want to break free and do something that you have desired for so long. It could be a solo trip, bungee jumping with a friend or an activity you’ve wanted to learn forever. Your 20s are the time to start. You’re no more a teenager and your persuasion powers are better honed. By the time we’re 25, marriage is a big concern, so here are some things you can do before you turn 25.

Solo trip-

That solo trip that has been on the back of your mind forever? Now is the time to bring it to fruition. Convincing your parents will be a task but when they do cave, it’ll be totally worth it.

Learn to cook-

No, this is not so that you’re prepared for marriage. This is purely for selfish reasons, when mom makes Ghiya and Tinde, your own cooking skills can come to your rescue!

Get that dream job-

You’ve be slogging enough in the job you hate, now is the time to struggle and get that job you’ve had your eye on forever. It will be extra effort but if you want it enough, a little bit of overtime will hurt no one.

Be wild-

​​Go on blind dates, color your hair the wackiest color getting inspired from the Kardashians do everything you’ve ever wanted to do and couldn’t. This time is never coming back; you’ll be 23 only once.

Seek adventure-

Your 20s are the time to be young and reckless and also the time you conquer your fears. Go sky diving, bungee jumping or deep sea diving and test your limits because life will hit you by you’re 25.

It’s never too late. Start now!