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Different Styles Of Wearing Eye Liners

Different Styles Of Wearing Eye Liners

Smudgy Cat Eye

Different Styles Of Wearing Eye Liners

Crisp cat eyeliner will always be in, but if you've struggled with having the steady hand you need for that look, this imperfectly smudged style will be a welcome change. It looks just as impressive and sexy, but if you mess it up a little, it's still totally on-point!

Spaced Lines

Get this chic look by applying a thin stroke of eyeliner on your upper lash line and an equally slim line along the bottom, being careful not to connect them. 

Bonus: This technique makes your eyes look wider and more awake.

Lived-In Liner

Combining a dark kohl liner along the lower waterline with smudgy shadow on the upper lids, this grungy style adds a sexy smokiness to any look.

Double Wing

Add a little London-in-the-'60s flair with a full cat eye that has not one, but two wings. Separate the two with a white eyeliner.