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Double your weight loss with probiotic food pairings

Double your weight loss with probiotic food pairings

Combine prebiotic superfoods with probiotics for twice the effect

Double your weight loss with probiotic food pairings

Nourish the healthy bacteria in your gut by blending the magical goodness of prebiotics and probiotics in one snack. When they are  teamed together, they work these have a symbiotic relationship that drops the kilos faster and reduces bloating in the process. 

For those unaware of probiotics, they are the immune-boosting live bacterial cultures found in fermented foods. Probiotics fight off bad bacteria in your gut which cause weight gain – the gut being the “second brain.  Meanwhile prebiotics don't contain bacteria in and of themselves. They help probiotics and good bacteria thrive and prosper. Think of prebiotic foods as soluble fibre which improves the the composition of good bacteria. Combine the two in one dish and you've got yourself a double weight-shredding jammy. Here are six examples.


Treat yourself to a Greek salad and your body will thank you for it. Your gut gets a workout while digesting the fermented tempeh. Beans and chickpeas are the resistant starches (source of prebiotics).


Sugar in most forms is practically toxic for good bacteria. However, one sweet treat you can make an exception for is a bowl of chopped bananas dipped in melted dark chocolate and frozen till it becomes a crunchy snack. Dark chocolate is rich in probiotics while bananas have a good dose of prebiotics and potassium. Your gut bugs will ferment this dessert into a compounds that block genes associated with weight gain. Just make sure you pick dark chocolate that is lower in sugar and higher in cocoa content (70% minimum).


Dinner at a mediterranean restaurant (or brunch at home) calls for a plate of antipasti. This innocuous starter has ingredients like garlic which hurt bad bacteria and leave the good guys (like Lactobacilli) to do their job. Include green olives, feta and brie cheeses, flax crackers and roasted broccoli in the antipasti spread


Berries are the most low-carb and high fibre fruits available pretty much throughout the year. Greek yogurt has two strains of good bacteria -- Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Berries are rich in antioxidants and prebiotics. Regular consumption for as little as six weeks improves balance of gut bacteria. Add flaxseeds and bananas to power up the smoothie. 


There are days your friends will put a spanner in your diet and drag you to a Mexican joint. Make the most of this by indulging in a cheesy dish with gut-friendly benefits. Cheddar cheese quesadillas a filling of (preferably) white beans and black beans so you get your fill of protein and fibre too. 


Skip the processed cheese in fast food for a low cal alternative. Flax-based crackers are rich in prebiotic soluble fibre. Top these with a soft cheese or paneer and you've got a protein-heavy snack for morning and hungry evenings.

Probiotics along with prebiotics will not only clean up your gut and speed up weight loss, they will clear your skin and prevent health conditions like flatulence you'd rather not speak of.