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 When your favorite song became mine

When your favorite song became mine

 When your favorite song became mine

Your love for music became my love for music,
I remember you asking me to send you some of my favorite songs for you to listen to,
And I ended up sending you all your favorites.
Every song you ever loved, has been on my phone, on my ipod, on my laptop and always played on my stereo when I drive,
I would listen to it again and again until It became my favorite,
I would make sure I have that song on the stereo each time we meet,
I have learnt the lyrics and already listened to it like a 100 times,
And then there comes another song, another favorite and I repeat the entire process.
You know how you love a song, listen to it all the time, make me fall in love with it and then there is another favorite that comes along.
For you, this process happens with people too.
And all I have ever wanted was to be your favorite too.