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Best Horror/Supernatural movies of all time

Best Horror/Supernatural movies of all time

Best Horror/Supernatural movies of all time

From hit musical 'Mahal' to Bipasha Basu starrer ‘Aatma’, horror films always have maintained a huge fan following. Ramsey Brothers are responsible for making this genre favourite with the viewers in the 80’s. From a dilapidated haunted mansion to much urban haunting storytelling, horror/supernatural themed movies have come a long way. So let’s take a summary of best horror/supernatural films of all time:

In the late 40s and 50s, filmmakers like Kamal Amrohi and Biren Nag experimented with the horror genre and gave hits like 'Mahal' and 'Bees Saal Baad'. Background music played an important role in these films to create the shock effect.

‘Bhoot Bangla’ is one of the oldest horror films of in the history of Indian cinema. The story unfolds as mystery surrounds a house which is reportedly haunted by singing and dancing ghosts and ghouls.

While the 60s were all about background scores and women clad in white sarees, Ramasay brothers gave a new twist to the horror genre by adding zombies in their films. 1972 film 'Do Gaz Zameen Ke Niche' turned out to be a successful film. It was the first horror film produced by the Ramsay camp. They gave many successful horror flicks like ‘Darwaza’, ‘Purana Mandir’, ‘Veerana’, ‘Tehkhana’ etc which were widely appreciated by the people.

Other Bollywood filmamkers also continued to experiment with the horror genre. 1979 film 'Jaani Dushman' did not just boast of a big star cast but also introduce monster story. It was directed by Rajkumar Kohli. The whole story revolves around a newly married bride disappearing as her procession reached a particular temple. 

Ram Gopal Verma gave a sophisticated look to his movies on supernatural. His first attempt in this genre was through his film ‘Raat’. Revathi as the protagonist had given a memorable performance as her life starts going haywire after a neighbourhood cat is accidentally killed by her father’s car. 

While Ram Gopal Verma's 2003 film ‘Bhoot’ was widely appreciated for some genuine edge-of-the-seat moments, the sequel ‘Bhoot Returns’ merely played around with the old plot and offered a rather abrupt end. 

Next on the list is ‘Darna Mana Hai' which interweaves six stories into one film. Seven friends get stuck in the middle of a forest when their car breaks down, and they find refuge in an abandoned house. To keep each other amused, they tell each other horror and supernatural stories over a bonfire.

Directed by Pawan Kripalani and produced by Balaji Telefilms ‘Ragini MMS’ revolves around the video footage of a girl named Ragini! The film centers on the clichéd haunted house. 

‘Aatma’ directed by Suparn Verma stars Bipasha Basu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the leading roles. The movie centers on a mother’s fight to keep her daughter safe from the ghost of her husband.

‘Ek thi daayan', features Emraan Hashmi, Huma Qureshi, Konkona Sen Sharma and Kalki Koechlin and is produced by Balaji Telefilms. This film was a story of a popular illusionist who is haunted by a ‘Daayan’ witch.

Bhatt camp had given a superhit horror film ‘Raaz' in 2002 after which they made two sequels to the film. All the three ‘Raaz’ films have been in the space of horror and supernatural films. Though the magic the original created was missing in its sequels.

Last but not the least is again a Vikram Bhatt film ‘Creature 3D’. ‘Creature 3D’ is an Indian 3D monster thriller science fiction film starring Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas Naqvi.