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How to vote #india in upcoming polls if you are Covid positive?

How to vote #india in upcoming polls if you are Covid positive?

Are you also thinking about How to vote #india? if you are covid positive that this article is really helpful for you. The Election Commission (EC) announced the assembly vote dates for Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur, and Goa at a press conference on Saturday. Elections will take place in February and March this year.

Amid fears of a spike in Covid-19 cases in the country, the European Commission said its "first and foremost goal" is "Covid-19 safe elections". As such, much "advanced planning and careful preparation" has been done, said Chief Elections Commissioner Sushil Chandra.

Given the fact that at least some people will be infected with the Covid virus and therefore subject to quarantine at the time of the elections, the question arises as to how these people will cast their votes. Surely Covid-19 cannot take away their global adult privilege! Here you will get to know about how to register to vote #india also

how to register for #vote India


In response to this question, the European Commission said on Saturday that a postal voting center will be available for those who have contracted the Covid virus when voting during the upcoming elections.

Mail-in ballots allow voters to cast their ballots remotely by recording their preferences on the ballots sent to them and returning them (by mail, email, or by hand) to the election official before the vote is counted.

This facility will be available during the assembly elections for people affected by Covid, as well as for people over 80 years of age and people with disabilities.

Apart from this, the European Commission said that masks and sanitizers will be available in all voting booths to ensure voting is conducted in a "Covid-safe" manner.

The Electoral Commission is counting on vaccinating both election staff and voters to ensure that the election does not cause a spike in covid-19 cases.

Chief Elections Commissioner Sushil Chandra said he has asked the top secretaries of restricted voting states to expedite the vaccination of all citizens over the age of 18 and ensure precautionary doses are administered to all election officials designated as frontline workers.

He added that vaccination coverage in voting states improved after the commission's intervention.

In addition, the European Commission has asked electoral officials in the region to appoint a contracting officer for each counting center to ensure compliance with Covid-19 guidelines.

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