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I fell for you, but you didn't.

I fell for you, but you didn't.

I fell for you, but you didn't.

Yes, I fell you, and you were my best friend. I fell for you so hard that I didn't realize what I was saying or doing. I fell for the guy who was always there for me, the guy who made me happy and who always listened to me patiently. The guy who shared the same interests as me and the one who loved and hated the same things as I did.


I fell for you, and it felt right. 
It felt right to be by your side, to know that this is who I want to sit next to for the rest of my life. It felt right to be smiling and crying with you. And I do not know how I fell for you, it didn't happen over time, it happened over many years.

But you stopped being friends with me the day I confessed my love to you. And It was my deepest loss, I may find love again, but I will never find another best friend.

Every time I see friends sharing a laugh, it reminds me of you. And whenever I see you smile, I think of the moment I fell for you. Because it was always your smile that made me smile.

For all the years gone by, all the laughter and the pain we shared and for the sake of the songs we sang together in the car,
I atleast deserved a goodbye.
But then, you didn't owe me one.