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Is Your Headache Actually Due To Coronavirus?

Is Your Headache Actually Due To Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus continues to spread, it is easy to panic and assume that any disease you have is associated with COVID-19. While headache is a symptom of a coronavirus, it is also a side effect of many benign conditions. With the same stress, allergy, migraines and old viruses that we've been fighting for years, our headaches may have multiple causes. Before you become convinced that your pain is a symptom of COVID-19 and rush to the doctor's office, take a moment to assess whether there are other reasons to assume your headache is a sign that you have coronavirus.

Surprisingly, headaches are not a common symptom of coronavirus, but it does cause alertness. According to a report published by the World Health Organization, fewer than 14 percent of people reported that they suffer from headaches as symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus headache health may be caused by "immune cells that release proteins called cytokines that cause inflammation, fever, and fatigue". Headaches, like other body aches, may be the result of your body trying to fight off infection.

But the headache is far from unique to people with viruses. "Headache is a common experience for many adults. Headache alone may not be a cause for concern, especially if it behaves like the other headache that you have suffered from," said David Arunov, Head of the Department of Medicine and the Department of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center for National Public Radio (NPR).

Aaronov added that headache is rarely the only symptom found in a coronavirus patient. "If someone is going to use a headache as a catalyst for a COVID-19 test, then this headache should be something new for them or stay a little longer than I've been used to ... or be associated with another symptom that can also be hidden, such as fatigue or feeling tired Slightly ". The best way to tell if your headache is a result of COVID-19 is to assess whether other symptoms of the coronavirus occur simultaneously.