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Here's What the Celebs Ate At The Oscars!

Here's What the Celebs Ate At The Oscars!

Here's What the Celebs Ate At The Oscars!

While the cast of La La Land may have been disappointed after 89th Academy Awards, at least they had an incredible meal to lift them up afterwards. That was thanks to LA chef icon Wolfgang Puck and his orchestration of the Governors Ball, the official afterparty for the Oscars. Putting together food for a 1,600-person dinner party (not to mention staff meal for 2,000 employees) is no small effort, but Puck has been doing it for more than two decades.

Morrocan Spiced Wagyu Short Rib

This masterpiece of a dish is served in the dinner by the head chef himself! While he smoke the rib infront of the celebrity, celebrity snapchats him while doing it! Pretty sweet right? Tastes awesome!

Gold Potato With Caviar

Although Caviar varies in the intensity of their saltiness and flavor, all caviars have a subtle, buttery taste. And when they are served with gold potato at TheOscars, it tastes you cannot resist trying one even if you are a 0 size Hollywood Diva!

Baby beets with Goat Cheese Yogurt

Goat cheese used in Oscars takes about three days to make. It changes in appearance and becomes stronger-tasting as time goes by. Best served with baby beets even Actor like Daniel Craig can’t resist! It is 007 of all dishes

Macarons, Meringue and Chocolates

Desserts like Macarons and chocolates are loved by people all over the world, and when served with best of the best at the Oscars, you just cannot resist to take a selfie with it. Fun fact, Priyanka Chopra captured herself eating these lovely Macarons!

Gnocchetti with Braised Mushrooms and Cashew Cream

Usually people confuse Gnocchetti with Pasta! But let us remind you, this dish was specially created for The Oscars and all the movie stars including The Best Director, Actor and, Actress enjoyed this mouth-watering dish!

Piper-Heidsick Champagne

Piper-Heidsick is one of the best champagne in the world, it is served with personalized Oscar stickers by well-trained Waiters! You just can’t resist to try it out, Oscar sticker makes it look more royal and lavish!

Smoked Salmon Oscars

These Smoked Salmon Oscars are prepared overnight, to get the best shape of The Oscar Trophy! Fun fact, the Chefs does not use any shaper, these marvelous creations are hand shaped only for the people attending The Oscars!

Sweet Pea Falafel with Hummus

Hummus contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals other than folate, including vitamin K, zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin C, good excuse for all the Divas and Dudes to try out this brilliant creation by the best chefs in the world!

Spicy Tuna Creams

These delicious Spicy Tuna Creams were enjoyed by all the Oscar attendees, it was the only dish that captured a lot of eyes including the Master Ched Gordon himself! He termed the dish as “Best of them all”