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The Top 5 Companies You Must Know In The Smart Education And E-learning Industry.

The Top 5 Companies You Must Know In The Smart Education And E-learning Industry.

How often do you look up videos online while studying? Quite frequently right? Smart education is the future of learning and some companies are making the future of the education system shine brightly with the latest technological advancements. There are various ed-tech products which are revolutionizing the traditional way of educating people. The top companies in the market range from software providers, manufacturer of devices, online retailers to publishing firms. These smart education companies are making our future better so let’s take a look at the top 5 such companies.

List Of The Top 5 Companies

  • Blackboard –

    This is an ed-tech company that has its headquarters in Washington. They provide various analytical tools which help the teachers to easily connect along with their students and help them to get to know their students more. They offer a learning platform called blackboard collaborate. Interesting isn’t it? Students can even make various purchases just with their id card with Blackboard transact and blackboard learn is helping every teacher to reach their academic goals.
  • Cisco systems –

    This smart education company creates various virtual classrooms, enhances the cyber security and also simplifies the IT management. They have to build a platform which comprises of secure core networks, computing infrastructure, state of the art security, wireless and a unified voice. Thus all the educational institutions can meet any business requirements with the help of virtualization offered.
  • Infrastructure – this learning management platform is completely cloud based. With their help one can do automated classroom activities and also manage the course easily, the educational institutions are highly benefitted with the set of tools they provide and make their work easier. There is Arc which is an e learning platform launched by infrastructure. They make education centred around videos to make a collaborative two way learning technique.
  • Pearson –

    They provide various educational items like workbooks, textbooks and so on but alongside they have reached on the digital side too. They have Learning Studio which is basically a cloud learning management system or LMS that helps people learn online. Open Class is another cloud based solution that helps learners interact with each other and distribute the information they possess. Acclaim Badges helps the various academic institutions by giving them the necessary recognition needed.
  • Samsung –

    This technological company has not been behind in the field of education as well. Samsung provides institution with a smart education package, this Smart education package consisted of various e-boards and mobile devices which revamps the entire learning procedure for the students. Thus learning is extended beyond the four walls of the classroom and the various educational mobile devices help the student to learn anytime they want, anywhere they want.

Thus these 5 companies are making our future better by introducing Smart Education and eLearning. Quite helpful during exams right? These people are creating innovative technologies that are going to make the learning procedure a lot more advanced in the coming years. So go ahead and start learning today!