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Planning Future Studies? Learn How To Get A Student Visa In India!

Planning Future Studies? Learn How To Get A Student Visa In India!

Ready for your new college? Not unless you have your visa! Student Visa is an important document which allows a student to go abroad and pursue educational studies. Now how do you get one? To get a student VISA it is not a very difficult job, however, there are certain procedures and eligibility criteria which are very important to follow step by step. In this article, we will discuss with you how you can get a Student VISA in India and what are the various criteria that are important?

Eligibility Criteria For Student VISA

Here is the list for the eligibility which is important for acquiring a Student VISA.

  • All foreigner students visiting India to apply for regular or else full time academic courses.
  • Applicable for those foreign students who are coming for an Industrial training or summer project/internship in India.
  • The student visa is valid for about six months for the students who are exploring for admission or taking admission test in different colleges.
  • The candidate should have the proof of an admission to a full time academic course in any of the reputed/recognized institution within India and have evidence to support financial strength.
  • If the candidate has a spouse or any family member who is going to accompany, then they must apply for Entry VISA.
So here are the eligibility criteria which should match and the candidates must follow every step to get their hands on the Student Visa. Now that you know the norms let’s move on to the other aspects. Shall we?

Important Documents Required For Student VISA

Here is the list of the important documents which are required for acquiring the Student VISA in India.

  • The Passport of the candidate which must have a 6 month validity.
  • Passport size colour photographs of the candidate is essential.
  • A photo copy of the passport is also required.
  • The candidate must provide a proof of his or her residential address.
  • A photo copy of the online form which was filled for the Student Visa.
  • Candidates must have the University admission letter granted to them by the institute.
  • Complete University details must also be provided ny the candidate.

So here is the list of the important documents that are important and must be shown in the exact same manner as stated during the time of the Visa approval. Got your docs ready? Now time for applying!

Other Necessary Details

Don’t have much time? Now you can get things done online! The candidates are required to fill the online student Visa Application and they can do so by visiting the website https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ and book an appointment at their nearest embassy with the necessary printout of the online filled form and other required travel documents. Worried about budget? The fees charged for the Student Visa depends upon the country the candidate belongs to and generally a rate of $13-$118 is charged.

So here are the important steps that will help you to get the Student Visa very easily.