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7 Simple things you can do to save our planet

7 Simple things you can do to save our planet

7 Simple things you can do to save our planet

With rising levels of pollution and smog in Delhi, it is impossible to breathe fresh air. The black smoke blanket that has wrapped Delhi and NCR is a major source of concern for people. Children are bound to get respiratory infections and adults find it difficult to do their daily chores. The catastrophe caused by this is unavoidable but we can surely try to minimize it as much as we can, so here are 7 simple ways you can do to help our planet get greener and pollution free-


The change should begin with you. This is our planet and the choice we make today will reflect in our tomorrow. Start making minor changes to your lifestyle and then gradually move towards a greener path. Working for the planet is something we all will benefit from. Take responsibility for your actions before you expect others to come up with something.

THE 3 Rs

As we read in school the three Rs- Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are very important in today’s world


Recycle what you can, it’s 2017 and almost everything can be recycled. Encourage your society to do the same as well. Join a recycling center and they will guide you better ways to recycle your stuff.


Reduce what you can! Decreasing your extra consumption will help the environment tremendously cutting down production material. Make sustainable choices keeping in mind your future is in your hands.


Almost everything can be reused! From your old bucket to that old sofa. Try reusing instead of buying new products every time. Reusability also helps the environment a great deal.



Paper is something we tend to waste a lot. Refuse the use of too many paper napkins in washrooms; you can instead use the dryer. A great way to do this is also to get digital! Everything available in magazines or newspapers can be found on the internet for free or minimal charges. So go ahead and get digital and paperless.


Adopt an animal instead of buying one from the pet store. There are thousands of animals in shelters who are killed every day because no one wants them. You can adopt them and save a life instead of buying one.


Carpooling is a great way to cut down your gasoline emissions. It also gives you time to bond with people. No need to create more pollution than necessary when you can carpool.


Standing in the shower for hours is another thing you should immediately stop. Cut down on flushing and teach your kids the importance of water. With the only limited amount of fresh water left we are wasting water at an alarming rate. People on our planet have no fresh water to drink and we need to understand how our tiny steps can help in saving our planet.


Motivate people and educate them about the environment. Ask everyone to do their bit, it is only by teamwork we can help our planet get greener and more peaceful. The toxic environment we face today is not only hazardous to us but to our kids as well. Encourage people to come together is saving our mother earth.

It is high time we all join hands now keeping our differences apart, for the planet, after all, it is everyone’s home!