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Top 10 ways to get beautiful hair you always envied!

Top 10 ways to get beautiful hair you always envied!

Top 10 ways to get beautiful hair you always envied!

Even after spending bucket loads in the parlor for expensive hair treatments, splurging into expensive shampoos and conditioners and then finally sticking to grandma’s remedies we have all tried various hacks to get healthy breakage-prone hair. So here are 10 easy yet effective ways to get healthy, bouncy and shiny hair without much ado!


One of the best ways to maintain good hair is cleaning your hair regularly. Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week if you style your hair regularly otherwise once a month to get rid of all the oil, dirt and product build up. A clarifying shampoo is best suited with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as it tends to dry your hair sometimes.


Condition your hair after every wash. Sometimes using a moisturizing shampoo is not sufficient and you need to condition your hair. If you walk the shower without it you will end with frizzy and unmanageable hair.

Use same shampoo and conditioner

Many people opt for different conditioners and shampoos but remember this does not work well in the long run. Every shampoo and conditioner has a specific purpose and using it from the same line and according to your requirement should work the best for you. Using different products might also end up in untamed hair.

Right conditioning

Conditioning does not mean you take ample amounts of conditioner and rub it in your scalp. Never condition your roots, conditioner is always meant for tips unless it is a massageable conditioner. Conditioning your roots will make them oily and weight your hair down further.

Handle wet hair with care

One of the biggest mistake you can do it style wet hair. Hair, when wet is susceptible to breakage. Brushing or shampooing to harshly can cause breakage and make your hair weak and fragile.