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Fight with your ageing with this simple diet

Fight with your ageing with this simple diet

Fight with your ageing with this simple diet

Everyone wants to look young of their age. Age is something which cannot be hidden so easily. Botox, injections and expensive beauty creams are only affordable by rich people. Pollution and chemicals have already made our skin look older than our age. But there are some natural remedies or you can say natural ways which can fight against ageing and some of them are already in your kitchen.


Improving your cellular health is the only way to prevent your skin from ageing. Our body is made up of trillion of cells so it is important to keep our cells equally healthy which will ultimately translate it to a youthful appearance. There are many factors due to which the cells get destroyed such as environmental factors, using body care & household cleaning products, food and water supply and even the air we breathe in.

Now, there is some food which also contributes to ageing of our skin. So, we should always be aware of what diet we are taking. Let us know about it.



Most of the corn that we eat today is genetically modified and such foods have high negative effects on the health. Consuming high fructose corn syrup can lead to cellular damages which give rise to wrinkles and memory loss. So, based on the potential cellular damage, GMO corn is said to be removed from the diet if you want to avoid ageing.


Refined sugar should be removed from every diet a person wants to take. It has many repercussions. It can destroy your blood sugar levels, releases the age promoting hormone known as IGF-1, increases the risk of diabetes type 2, obesity and much more. Sugar is unhealthy and responsible for deteriorating overall appearance of the skin. Try using the natural sweeter in case you want to avoid ageing.


Wheat is a food which we include in our daily routine. But now a day’s wheat is no more of the same quality. Instead, most of the wheat what we consume is hybridized which results in the IGF-1 hormone. This hormone is responsible for ageing. So instead of consuming wheat, prefer eating gluten-free whole grains like brown rice and buckwheat.


All we know about omega 6 is it is required for growth, development and cognitive function. But they promote inflammation which results in ageing. You are required to replace your oil with omega 3 fatty acids because they act as an anti-inflammatory drug.


Consuming alcohol can cause serious inflammation and oxidative stress on your liver. Now liver plays a major role in detoxifying harmful chemicals from your body. Consuming alcohol results in speeding up of the ageing process faster than you think. If you want to consume alcohol, better go for drinks with less sugar like vodka or gin. Also, if you are taking alcohol, avoid taking it with sweet beverages rather take it with water.