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Why taking a break from social media can do wonders for you?

Why taking a break from social media can do wonders for you?

Why taking a break from social media can do wonders for you?

“The more social media we have, the more we think we're connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.”- Unknown

social media has become no doubt an essential part of our lives. It is hardly possible for any of us to go out for dinner or a trip without updating our status on Facebook or putting a few snaps on Instagram. Even a little break from work to check your Instagram feed does end you up sometimes 200 photos deep in some strangers account. I guess it’s time for us to take a break from the drama. Taking a break is important and here are some reasons why

Social Media can make you focus on others more than yourself:

People spending more time on social media sites are proven to have low esteem and anxiety because our feeds are flooding with somebody getting a new car or others going out on trips which makes us compare to them. These shift our the focus from us to them. We just stick to our phones losing more and more confidence in ourselves while seeing some stranger having fun in some foreign land.

Social media has become a hindrance in interacting with old friends:

When was the last time you spent some real time with your friends rather than talking to them over a Skype call or preferring chatting over meeting them in real. Social media is a nice platform to find and make friends but a friendship only grows stronger once you interact with the person personally and get to know about them. I would say, try putting a halt on those chats and call up some friend and meet them for a nice lunch to refresh those memories.

Social media does not let you live in the moment:

Often going out to dinner with friends, we keep ourselves busy by checking our social media feeds or constantly dropping snaps on snapchat on Instagram. What we fail to realize is that we are actually missing out on what is happening in reality. The social media looks pretty lucrative but in reality, it isn't, we waste our time maintaining tabs on others lives rather than on ours. Going out to a concert? But busy uploading updates. Off to a trek? But busy taking selfies. One’s life becomes more about being updated by someone else’s whereabouts.

Social Media puts a halt to your privacy:

Do you know all your 1000+ friends on Facebook? Is it actually essential to tell all of them about your weekend plans? Is it safe to share such information with them? No matter how many privacy settings our account must be having we should think twice before sharing our personal information on the internet because in the end you barely know who these individuals are.

Staying on social media sites delays our works:

The main aspect of social media that makes it bad for our life is that it slowly becomes really addictive and we end up lagging in work and our respective routines. We never really notice when times passes while surfing the internet, this makes us delay our work and projects and adds up to all the pending work. Taking short breaks from our work don’t really end up being so little, do they?