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The ultimate carnival of food and fun “Grub” is back!

The ultimate carnival of food and fun “Grub” is back!

The ultimate carnival of food and fun “Grub” is back!

After being home to many food festivals, the grub fest is back in Delhi and is all set to attract crowd all over again. India’s biggest food festival is going to be held in the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Delhi from 27th to 29th of October. The 3 day extravaganza is not only home to scrumptious delicacies but also to unlimited entertainment. With star performances, the grub fest is a favourite for all the Delhites. The multi-storey food pop-ups is one of the big attractions of the fest. As it is the most sought after food festival in the country, the organisers are also trying to pitch in some international fest for live demonstrations, to keep the food enthusiast among the crowd entertained. It is rumoured that the organisers of the fest are planning a 9 day tour in some major cities across India.

The fest includes a grub Market, where you can try food products from upcoming brands and a Grub theatre, live demonstration sessions by celebrity chef. More than 120 brands to discover from, the grub fest will be an affair to remember. They have released the names of the restaurants and cafes that will be showcasing their food at the stalls in the stadium which includes names like, Hotmess Delhi, Waffle chowk, Foodrath, Sushi junction, Nukkad café and bar, Just vada pav, Taco Bell India, live wok, Molecular air bar, Karim and the list goes on. The Artist line up includes, The Local train.

It is the ultimate carnival of food and fun.

Countinuing your Diwali mood and not putting an end to the festive days, the fest will have all the delicious food and all the amazing dance parties. It is going to be much more “grubbier” this time.

With an entry ticket of rupees 250, you might need to start saving from your pocket money. Although the fest is all about the fun, sometimes the price might just go a bit overboard. But foodies wont shy away from it anyways.

This is not Delhi’s first food festival and neither its last but one amazing experience before the winter sets in. the grub fest is most particularly famous for the chilled out atmosphere that exists in the ground, from rustic to chic restaurants to an area where you can enjoy your drinks and food with your friends.

Although the fest starts early in the day it cannot be ignored that the real fun sets at night, with pretty lights dawning all over the stadium to loud music all around the ground keeping the crowd on their feet.

An ideal place for a chill afternoon to enjoying a night party, the fest doesn’t fail to impress anybody that walks in from its entrance. If you are stuck in your job or in your busy college schedule, take a few hours off call up your friends and chill for a few hours.

Take the weekend off and enjoy a little, indulge yourself in those beautiful cuisines and let your love for food not be hidden!

Tag your friends and plan out! Stay tuned for more.