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10 ways to look more stylish instantly

10 ways to look more stylish instantly

10 ways to look more stylish instantly

Looking elegant and stylish isn’t always about wearing the most expensive clothes or keeping up with the latest trend. Sometimes it just requires nominal effort to look elegant, you should just know the trick

Wear what compliments your body

One of the simplest tricks is to simply wear what flatters your body shape. Different body shape requires different clothing. Your height, weight, complexion are certain traits that should be kept in mind while choosing your clothes. They are meant to enhance your looks, just because it is in trend does not necessarily mean it will suit you.

Spend on Shoes

Looking good doesn’t mean you have to spend a million bucks on your clothes but shoes are something worth spending on. They instantly enhance the overall look of your outfit, giving it the edgy finish you need to look on point.

Flattering accessories

Accessories are things which can instantly make your look on-trend. A boring white dress can be funked up with some accessories to make your over all look more appealing! Choose the correct accessories and you can never go wrong with a look, but remember not to over-do it as it can make you look gaudy and classless.

Throw in some of them top shot brands!

One of the easiest way to look elite is to add a Prada bag or a Gucci scarf! But remember just one will suffice for the look you are aiming for, “less in more” in this regard. Just a little hint of any high-end fashion house or designer and you are good to go!

A pair of sunglasses.

A pair of sunglasses during the day time can save your day and make you look ten times more glamorous without even trying! Not just this it will also protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays therefore, being a win-win situation each ways.

Hair do

A neat hair-do will definitely give you the desired look. Always make sure your hair goes well with the look, your hair adds a lot to your look and you should take proper care of it to ensure you always look ravishing

A little make-up goes long way.

Applying proper make up will make you look ten times brighter and more beautiful. You can also add a little boldness by applying a red lipstick with neutral eyes or neutral lips with smokey eyes, but they shouldn’t be done together as it tends to look overdone.


Even a chrome lipstick can make you look so much more stylish than your average Jane. Add metallics to add a daunting side to your look.


A belt can give sometimes the needed lift to make you look flattering. A belt with a shirt dress can make you look trendy and happening at the same time


Personal hygiene is a very important factor in making your look more appealing. Freshly manicured hands can anytime beat someone with expensive clothes but chipped off nail paint.

So take care of those hands to look classy without putting too much effort.

That’s a wrap guys. Let us know what you think. If you have some tips which you use to instantly improve your overall looks and look stylish, let us know in the comment box down below.

Stay tuned for more.