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Why you should use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics?

Why you should use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics?

Why you should use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics?

Since ancient times animals have been subjected to all kinds of tests like that of household, makeup, cleaning products, food additives etc.

Millions of animals are victim to the horrendous exploitation done by humans everyday. Animal testing a macabre and excruciating concept is one of them. In the Unites States of America alone more than 100 million animals are subjected to this torture and are killed each year. In the year 1938 the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic act was passed in which it was made mandatory to test a new drug on animals prior to human use to check for safety. For centuries this practice have been put to use to determine the “welfare” of human beings. Even though the law, now no more makes it mandatory to test the drugs on animals the practice is still prevalent in the society.

Animal testing has a long and terrible dark past but the world is gradually changing towards a better and cruelty-free world. There is absolutely no reason to continue this brutal concept in today’s world. The practice is not just vicious and outdated but also completely redundant. Humans are genetically different from that of animals and therefore the tests do not provide an accurate result either.

This is the reason a consumer must be careful about what he has to buy keeping in mind that every choice he makes has an indirect impact, which can either be towards compassion or cruelty. By choosing cruelty-free brands we are lending a hand to the animal testing industry and proving the fact that animal cruelty or testing is no longer necessary. There are more than 7000 cosmetic companies which provide cruelty-free products that have been deemed as completely safe for human use.

Yet this is tricky to determine which brands are cruelty-free. This is because “cruelty-free” and “not tested” on animals are two different terms, that means, cruelty-free yet can be tested on animals


You can start off by looking through your stash and getting rid of products or not supporting the companies that support the horrendous animal tests. You can then make more conscious decisions in the future to prevent the cruelty. If you have some product you swear buy you can always still find a cruelty free alternative to it.

To determine if a product is completely cruelty-free, keep the following points in mind:-

  • The finished product is not tested on animals.

  • The ingredients present in the product are vegan and have not been derived from animals.

  • The ingredients present in the product are not tested on animals.

  • The company does not test on animals when made mandatory by the law.

The step to go cruelty-free and prevent unnecessary harm can begin right here and right now, but all you have to do is make minor changes in your daily life choices which will further ensure a better and free future that our animals deserve.