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How to keep the spark alive

How to keep the spark alive

The long distance challenge

How to keep the spark alive

Relationships are the best. No really, the feeling of being in love is unmatched and that sense of belonging to another person and feeling safe just knowing that they are in your lives makes it a worthwhile experience. Long distance relationships are even more special because you haven’t seen your partner in so long and when you finally do, you fall in love with them all over again. LDRs are not without their fair share of problems, every couple goes through them and when you finally overcome them, you realize that it is all worth it, because they make your life so perfect. Here are things that you can do to keep that spark alive in an LDR because meeting everyday is not a possibility.

Check in on each other: 

Long distance requires you to be super expressive with your feelings. You may be hesitant in expressing them because you haven’t done it before but the small little gestures of love tells them you’re thinking about them. Everyone needs a little love and affection and especially so if you have a thousand miles between you.

Say no to insecurity:

Being jealous or insecure of a partner hanging out with the opposite sex is just a big no-no. Asking them to not hang out with their girl friends or guy friends, you’re indirectly asking them to choose between two impossible choices. Don’t do that people!

Let them hear you:

We are blessed to be born in this day and age of technology but that doesn’t mean you carry on your relationship only over text. However busy you are, make sure you make out some time to call them and talk to them even for 5 minutes. This shows that you’re making an effort and this goes a long way.

Surprise them:

There is nothing better than a surprise; the smile on your face could really break records. Surprising doesn’t mean you have to fly over every time; it could be a small gesture such as a letter or a gift that you can send to their place and you’ll be golden.

Date nights!

Fix a day when you dedicate your time only to your partner. You cancel your plans with your friends and stay up talking to your partner telling them about your day and in the process, making them feel important.

Pick up that phone and call them already!