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Things you should know about your secret life

Things you should know about your secret life

Sex is what I am talking about here. The basic human need, as important as respiration; but still a taboo. The fact that it is considered a taboo in our society has hindered many important things and also posed a lot of problem in other aspects which is a risk to our society itself.

Coming to the topic, what I want you to know is that the sex toys or tools we use can cause serious health problems, which you might have never thought about.

We have two types of sex in practice con-temporarily.

Vanilla sex:

As we are taught in our biology classes. Simple as per the laws of nature.

Dominant Sex:

Monotony is obviously boring so to add a fling to the sex life, people started experimenting. This resulted in the use of techniques or tools, which helped people spice up intimacy. The partners are supposed to play the roles of Dominant and Submissive. As the words indicate, submissive is bound to obey the commandments directed by dominant partner.

To everything there is a positive and negative side.


Some commonly used tools which are light are ice, whip cream, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, smooth skin friendly fabric and the list goes on which adds a zeal to our make outs and helps make our sex life better. It also aids sexual dysfunction.

It has been into practice since 1880 when vibrator was first invented by Kellina Wilkinson to treat “congestion of genitalia” and “female hysteria” but later on it became a taboo due to its publication in pornographic magazines. It works as a catalyst and helps women to reach orgasm faster.


Some products which are being used on a wide scale and are practically unsafe are butt plugs, knives, jelly toys, ersatz vagina, mock penis (dildo), hunter, harness, handcuffs, collars, etc.

Plastic is used to manufacture these products, harmful to the skin as suggested by a research study on mice and rats revealing that it can cause cancer and damage of reproductive system.

Moreover it contains Phthalates, a controversial family of chemicals which has the largest contribution in the business of sex toys manufacturing. The use of harness and knives becomes very dangerous and has caused many fatal accidents. There was this one particular incident shown in the movie “The Godfather” where a hooker dies because of her carelessness while using cuff and harness.

Study by German Hens Ulrich Krieg found out that ten dangerous chemicals gassed out of some sex toys available in Europe. The jelly toys are reported to leach oily stuff and turn milky and have a plasticky odor. Minute levels of some Phthalates have been linked to sperm damage in men.

The shocking thing is that the Government has banned the use of Phthalates for manufacturing kid’s toys but there are no rules when it comes to the manufacturing of adult toys despite of the fact that it is highly injurious.

We take extra care while purchasing the other basic amenities but when it comes to sex toys and stuff we not only become shy, have limited options but we do not even examine the product and take into consideration the effects it might cause.

So, the next you buy sex toys, do your research well and be cautious.