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Why it's good to have sexual fantasies

There are at least five good reasons you shouldn't be ashamed of daydreaming about sex

Why it's good to have sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies get a bad rap among judgemental folks. There is a whole lot of evidence that points to how healthy they actually are:

1. Monotony breakers

The act of fantasising keeps things interesting even when you can't act on them. You don't want to go through your whole life using the same position in bed, would you?  Research says that fantasising about a fetish or a new style of lovemaking makes the actual performance that much better. It gets rid of the anxiety you'd face since you've already gone over it in your head.

2. More self-confidence

Admit it. In your fantasy, you are no less a playboy than James Bond (or less a vixen than Scarlett Johansson) and can pleasure any member of the opposite sex you choose. Naturally, this positive self-image carries over into real life. 

3. Boosts sex drive

Of course, the most obvious thing to do is fulfill a fantasy that's been running in your head over and over. High sex drive is a must for a quality sex life. Fantasies unleash your wild side and might just bring out the kinkiness in your partner as well. 

4. More intimate relationship

While fantasies are a creative release for single people, for couples they can build higher levels of intimacy. In fact, fantasising is a much better outlet for a failing marriage than cheating on one's spouse. It might rekindle the romance once you start exchanging your deepest desires.

5. Deep sleep (and wild dreams)

There is a sense of release in the act of fantasising that is intensely personal and comforting. Many a man (and woman) has fallen into deep sleep after a bout of fantasising about their favourite celebrity. Needless to say, it's a healthier stress buster than a tub of fattening ice-cream.

A bit of harmless fantasising can enhance your love life and your mojo like no amount of therapy would.