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Peace, Love and Happiness: Jason Mraz

Peace, Love and Happiness: Jason Mraz

Grammy award winner Jason Mraz turned 40 on June 23rd and hosted a special concert at Hollywood Bowl. Recently Mraz described his music journey in a mail to his fans, the mail said: 

“To let myself off the hook and be unfazed by any chance of failure, I told myself I would go for it until I was 40. I gave myself permission to be a beginner until then. And that If I hadn't 'made it' by 40, at least I'll have gifted myself the time. And at least by then, with all that experience, I'd probably be able to rock. Those were my words. I'd probably be able to rock.

Now nearly 40, my heart is filled with gratitude - to my younger self for dreaming an unreasonable dream; to all the kindred spirits who married their beautiful music to mine; to those who gave me a round of applause or a couch for music and I to sleep on."

Jason gave himself the permission to be a beginner till 40, and he’s already a Grammy award winner. If there’s one artist who can uplift you in any situation, can bring positivity in your life, it has to be Jason Mraz. His feel good songs promotes kindness and love. He’s different, underrated and loved by ears who prefer good music over artificial electronic music of this era.

Jason’s writing style is unique and very clever and he brings the reality to the surface which is ignored by his listeners until he points it out. In his song ‘Life is wonderful’, Mraz points out “It takes a crane to build a crane. It takes two floors to make a story. It takes an egg to make a hen. It takes a hen to make an egg” 

Jason is a free spirit who inspires his fans to be themselves, love themselves and realize that life is wonderful. Jason is an excellent poet and you can listen to his love for life in each of his songs. Mr. A-Z write songs on all the good things in our life, he also dedicated a song to his grandfather ‘Frank D Fixer’ where he beautifully portrays his memories of his grandfather fixing his own car and growing his own food. Today, Mraz owns an Avacoda ranch northeast of San` Diego and grows his own food and is a vegan.

From clean shave to long beards, he depicts a versatile personality. A very open minded person who was on the June/July 2012 cover of NY Metrosource magazine, he came out in the support of same sex marriage and accepted that he is a bisexual himself.

I request you Jason Mraz to continue to inspire us to love and live. 

We will be going over a list of Mraz’s top 10 songs in the next article, stay tuned. Until then, I’m gonna turn up the volume and listen to I’m yours!