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Why you can and should learn the guitar!

Why you can and should learn the guitar!

Planning to learn a new instrument? Even the thought of it seems daunting, right?, but trust me, you can. 

And it’s never too late.

So first things first, why you should learn the guitar:

⦁    It is pleasing.
That’s a no brainier, the ability to play your favorite tune on the world’s most loved instrument is gonna release the same hormone in your brain (read. dopamine) which sex does, you can imagine the happiness.

⦁    It makes you intelligent.
How, you ask? Well, learning the guitar, or any other musical instrument for that matter, synchronizes your brain, as reading the notes and physical movement of your fingers is executed from separate parts of the brain, and when you learn music, you use both at the same time, so you constantly develop your brain as you learn this art.

⦁    Planning to impress your crush or surprise your loved one?
That’s a proven fact, and it has a reason. Let me explain, when you learn an instrument, it requires your hard work, patience, passion and dedication. And if you are good and confident at an instrument, it is a lure for the other gender and is indicative of the fact that the above qualities are possessed by you . Now you wonder, why that girl was drooling over the guitarist, the other night?

⦁     It will keep your anxiety at bay
Stress relieving hormones are released whenever you involve yourself in any sort of activity and music is proven to bring down the anxiety and stress levels. It’s much more pleasing that you can imagine. From the point of view of a guitarist, when nothing goes right, pick up the guitar.

⦁    You can make music and ultimately money.
That is obvious and certainly difficult, but it’s not impossible, a human like you invented the guitar, by the way, that human was Adolph Rickenbacker, my point is you can, it just needs your time. Master the instrument, make your music and start earning. How? That’s a topic for later