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Summer cool geography lessons

Summer cool geography lessons

Hola amigos, been long. I’m sure you missed my sarcastic streaks? Probably lost you appetite for it as well, that’s alright though. We’ll take it slowly this time and you’ll be craving for some more subliminal tone which is when I’ll give it to you.

In the meantime let’s talk about the scorching heat and places in our beloved country you could make transfers to for getting away. 


With snow covering the roads and what not in the month of June could this place be anymore fascinating? Approximately, 651 Kms from Delhi this place is about 14 hours far far away from Delhi’s bad bad heat and sweaty environment so you better bag a pack (tries to be cute by fumbling that up), oh I mean pack a bag, fetch the keys to your car and get in the mood for a lovely drive to paradise. 


If you’re scared snow will get you cold and wheezing, consider this picturesque get away. Pleasant weather and just 250Kms. Doesn’t get better brothas. Work it out as a weekend getaway with the family or the friend circle and relish each other’s company with the beautiful wind. 


If you’re broke or just shrewd with no money to shell out into fuel and dhaba food, not to forget accommodation rent, just switch the damn AC on and chill in your room with a cold pack, Netflix and a blanket. 

Life doesn’t get any better friends, live it to the fullest. You never know this could be your last summer. I suggest play Holi and celebrate Diwali in advance because life is too short to wait for next year or a few more months.