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Decoding your woman's sexual position of choice

You can tell a lot about your woman from the way she likes to make love

Decoding your woman's sexual position of choice

Getting hot between the sheets is one of the most personal acts two people can do together. You can tell a lot about a woman from the way she applies mascara, how she wears her perfume and the way she dresses. So, imagine the insight you can gain from her favourite sexual position!

There are so many positions out there, from the ones where you take charge to crazy ones where you're  the happy observer and she's in total control. Her go-to position in bed can tell you more about her core personality in life. Here's what the sexperts say about your lady's killer position.

The Missionary

It's the commonest position and the one employed by both, people who are just starting out in the bedroom and those who liked things old fashioned.

What it says about her:  Women who like this position are usually the most romantic ones. They prefer to play it safe and let the man take things in his own hands... legs rather. It could also hint at laziness since the woman has to basically lie down and get pleasured.

The spoon

One for the total pillow princesses, it has the guy lying sideways behind the girl. It offers more full body contact and intimacy than any other position.

What it says about her: She wants to be nurtured and feel closer to you. In some instances, she could be too tired to make any moves.

The Cowgirl

Puts the woman in the driver's seat.

What it says about her: Your lady gets control of hip movement and more chances at reaching the big O. This is one girl who knows what she wants!

Reverse Cowgirl

Another position where the woman doesn't face the partner in the act.

What it says about her: Another girl who knows what she wants. Facing away either makes her feel better since her mind can wander off to other things, or to other scenarious she can fantasise about. 


Sexperts say some women prefer this position since they can focus on their own pleasure without getting distracted.

What it says about her: Either she's the submissive-kinky type who enjoys it when the man holds the reigns – or the lasso since he's the cowboy -- or she's a bit selfish and more concerned about her own pleasure.


This one's a giver-and-receiver stance, for sure.

What it says about her: This woman loves a challenge and is kinky to boot. She also has high concentration since she's multi-tasking.

Standing Up

Against the wall, kitchen counter or dressing table, standing up sex has many variations.

What it says about her: She has a  thirst for adventure and trusts your physical strength to be able to hold her up!

Agree or disagree with our analysis on your woman's favourite way to make love?