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Beat the Heat with your A/C and Netflix

Beat the Heat with your A/C and Netflix

Come on guys, in such heat there’s rarely an occasion for you to step outdoors.  Of course, in such a case in becomes crucial for you to do something productive with your time. Of course, by that I mean watching new TV shows on netflix! 

Here are a few must watches you need to consider binge watching this summer:

Starting with comedy of course, because what’s better than laughing off the ridiculous climatic conditions you reside in!

  1. Schitt’s Creek: With the most delightful of father and son duos: Eugene and Daniel Levy, of course it's all giggle and not much else. Delve into the lives of these rich going rogue due to losing the most precious of them all, their money.
  2. A fling is absolutely essential to complete the summers, there’s a unique taste of romance in the heat! Isn’t there?
  3. Fall in love with KJ Apa’s stunning body and Cole Sprouse’s charm on the show Riverdale. Of course boys! There’s hotness in store for you too: one of the characters called Veronica Lodge( Camila Mendes) tops the hotness pole charts. The teen drama is a must watch- according to a teen.
  4. Last but not the least, a science fiction American drama which showcases the end of the world, time travel and a wicked army! -who is not interested in 11watching 12 monkeys, I ask?! Come on guys, this is your one chance to witness a possible end to the human race, trust me you don’t want to miss it. With Emily Hampshire’s familiarity (previously known, for working in Schitt’s Creek), you have all the more reason to watch 12 monkeys. Oh and anybody remember Katrina Benett from Suits? Louis’ right hand, she plays the lead role here.