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What is fashion any more?

What is fashion any more?

With the 90s trends surfacing to the top once again, I couldn’t be more disappointed in humanity. I mean, plastic shoes and thigh high boots? Did we never learn? History records are maintained mostly so that humanity doesn’t repeat the mistakes it has made in the past but we’re unstoppable and not even guilty. 

I get the whole Bohemian, chic, gothic deals really, wool knit skirts and denim on denim: still acceptable but shirts with legitimate holes in them which makes it seem like a rat had a fantastic meal? That is absolute stupidity. Shoes with faux fur and night-gown lace dresses? What’s next the low waist denims with no crotch- coverage? Rompers for men and yellow lipsticks?

Gosh, what has this world come to?


Either you could build a time machine and go back to the times when all of the above were considered astonishingly cool and cute, the times when people TyPed lyk DizZzZ, the times when internet had a dial up system or you could just take away my vision and save us both the trouble, me off viewing this circus and you all: of the research and development and time it would take to  build a time traveller.


Come on god, bring these creatures back to their right minds!! Oh wait, all this melodrama has been so overpowering that the fact that I have never believed in God completely skipped my mind.


So, you know how badly I’m being impacted if your clothing is pretty much making me question my own beliefs and all that ish. Please help this stranger by not wearing clothes with legit rat-holes for the purpose of redeeming yourselves and uplifting your “social statuses” by asserting your “trendiness”