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Have you heard about Ittoqqortoormiit?

Have you heard about Ittoqqortoormiit?

Ittoqqortoormiit or Illoqqortoormiut, is a settlement in eastern Greenland. It has an extremely low population which stood at 452 in 2013. In the Eastern Greenlandic dialect, Ittoqqortoormiit means “Big House Dwellers”. This region is well known for its wildlife, which includes polar bears, seals and muskoxen. 

Ittoqqortoormiit is located on the Liverpool Land and is not much spoken about. Not many are aware about the destination and the low population has made it difficult for tourists to discover the place as well. It is a very remote town in Greenland which makes it difficult to connect via air. The Air Greenland helicopters are used to shuttle passengers from the settlement to the NerleritInaat Airport. Ittoqqortoormiit has become a significant destination for small expeditionary vessels who are exploring the wildlife, nature and culture of Northern Greenland. This region has extremely cold winters and chilly summers. It is one of the coldest inhabited regions on the Earth. Its population has been constantly decreasing since 2003 and the main activity of the locals remains whale and polar bear hunting. Income is gained by trading the flesh and by products of their hunt. 

The most isolated town in Greenland has many opportunities for an adventure. For some tourists, getting to the town is in itself an adventure, the town is well known for the ocean and the ice. You can take a boat tour, try dog sledging and go for kayaking in the town. Adventurers love this region for kayaking and visit again for the same. Kayaks are available for rent during the short summer period; you can also join the long tours on dog sled out on Liverpool Land. If you are visiting this region for a short while, make the most of it with the tent camps and enjoy the camping life.