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Akshara Haasan private pics leaked: Ex-boyfriend Tanuj Virwani to be questioned?

"Akshara Haasan Sent Me Those Pictures For My Eyes Only. I Haven't Leaked Them," Says Ex-Boyfriend Tanuj

Tanuj Virwani has landed in trouble in the filtered image controversy Akshara Haasan. The actor spoke extensively about it and also explained his relationship with the actress Shamitabh.

The son of Rati Agnihotri, Tanuj Virwani, hit the headlines this morning for the wrong reasons. The young man was involved in the controversy of the leaked photos of Kamal Haasan and the daughter of Sarika, Akshara, which has led the actress of Shamitabh to knock on the doors of the police and present an FIR. We speak extensively with Tanuj this afternoon EXCLUSIVELY. He sounded calm, calm and decided to talk about the controversy and his love story with Akshara as well.

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Excerpts from the conversation:

What is happening in the controversy of filtered images of Akshara Haasan?

Well, we both have not talked about this before, but I'm going to talk now. Akshara and I were dating for 4 years, from 2013 to 2017. She sent me those photos in 2013.

The audacious ones that have filtered it and have taken it to seek police help?

Right. The same. But they were only for my eyes. And I certainly have not let them out. I used to see those photos and erase them.

Even I had sent him so many photos during that period. There was an exchange not only of images, but also of SMS and WhatsApp texts. It is really regrettable that everything has gone this way.

Where is that phone where Akshara sent you those photos?

It broke. I often loose phones. And when I went to repair it, they told me that the repair would cost me a lot of money and that, instead, I should buy a new piece. So I went for a new one.

Did you sell that old phone in exchange? If so, that could have made the bold images of Akshara public ...

No, I did not sell that broken phone.

Which means you still have it?

It must be lying somewhere in the house.

Had I sent you more photos of this type, in addition to those that have been made public, and could still be on your broken phone?

No. I think these were the only ones.

When did Akshara and you split up?

May 2017

Why do you cancel it?

Well, we were together for 4 years and there comes a time in some relationships when they stop working. It was a friendly call. There was no animosity, nor is there any now. Akshara is a very nice girl and we are still friends.

You mean you still talk, say on birthdays, etc.?

Yes, we talk, and we talk like friends.

Is it possible that Akshara has sent these photos to someone other than you?

I really doubt it.

Maybe for someone with whom she had a relationship, after they both left it aside?

I do not know about that

Did Akshara call you after this controversy?

If she did it. She asked me if I still had those photos. She told me that those photos had leaked. I did not know anything about that until then. She was very good on the phone and did not even accuse me.

Is it remotely possible that Akshara has told the police that there is a possibility, however small, of having leaked the images?

Look, I was not in that room (when Akshara was talking to the police). What I know about Akshara is that she is not that kind of girl. I think all you have in mind is that the police must have asked who sent you those photos. She must have told them that she had sent it to me, which is the truth.

I also want the person responsible for this sh ** and who leaked these photos to be tested. If I can contribute in any way, I will always be there for her.

Do you have a call from the police?

Do not

If you get one?

I will go and tell you everything aaram se.

Did Akshara ever tell you after the separation that you need to erase those images in bold?

We never had a conversation like that.

Your mom and dad (Anil Virwani) should be worried ...

I've been on the set since 7 in the morning. I've only talked to my dad. Mom is in Europe.

What did he say?

We'll take care of it, what else? My conscience is clean. There is nothing to hide.

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