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5 Rules of DTC Buses

Making Your Journeys Easier

5 Rules of DTC Buses

Here is a mini guide for all people travelling in DTC buses-what are the rules that will ensure a safe and pleasant experience? What are the myths? We shall help you decipher everyday DTC journeys.Jan hit meinjaari

Rule No. 1

Avoid pushing and pulling

 DTC buses are not overcrowded but it seems so because of people who occupy too much space. A normal individual cannot/ should not occupy space of a hippopotamus. No, you need not shrink like a raisin to make space for others -the only rule you should follow in DTC buses is to stand/sit straight without leaning on your co passengers or pushing them. The added advantage of following this rule is that your probability of getting hit/shouted by a co passenger will automatically decrease. Follow this rule

Sit/Stand Properly is inversely proportion to getting less shouted at and directly proportional toHappy DTC journey!

Rule No. 2

Board the bus from the back gate

It is a fact universally acknowledged that people who board bus from the back gate have higher chances of enjoying their bus journeys. Many highly intelligent human beings (note the sarcasm) board the bus from the front gate; this not only annoys other passengers but also disturbs the driver-conductor system. These animals, sorry humans, also are in a hurry to capture seats for themselves without thinking about other passengers.

Rule No 3

Do not hoard the seats

Although there are seats reserved for the physically handicapped, the blind, the old and women yet there seems to be conflicts about the sitting arrangements. As a feminist, I would advise all my friends to allow the needy to sit on the seats irrespective of their caste, gender, colour, sex or age. Instead of hoarding and fighting over the seats kindly allow others to sit.

Rule No 4

Take your own ticket

This may sound stupid and even irrelevant to many but a true DTC traveller will get my point. Rule number 4 is to get your own ticket. Do not expect others to work for you.

Rule No 5

Enjoy the Journey

In our hurry to reach on time we often miss out the beauty of journey. So rule number 5 is to avoid sticking your eyes to your mobile screens and instead enjoy the world around you. Buses are not just a mode of transportation but a world in itself, enjoy your ride!