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Liquor To Be Served For Select Guests In 2018 Hockey World Cup

Sources have confirmed the news that Liquor would be served to some of the selected guests in 2018 Hockey World Cup. The World cup which is going to be inaugurated at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar on 28th November and will last till December 16th. This move has raised a bit of controversy among the people who do not like the notion of alcohol being served at such a big international stage. Pretty obvious isn't it? The first grant of permission was asked by Vishal Dev, the commissioner-cum-secretary of the Government of Odisha. He submitted a handwritten letter to the Commissioner of Excise for asking the allowance to serve liquor at the stadium during the World Cup to selected guests. The letter which he submitted stated that Liquor would be served in the VIP lounge of the officials and delegates of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and other Hockey Federations of different countries who will be present at the stadium.

The letter which Kapil had submitted states the following lines- “Liquor/Beer will be served in the VIP Lounge for the officials/delegates of International Hockey Federation (FIH) and other hockey federations of the participating nations at Kalinga Stadium. It is requested that Liquor license may be issued in favour of Department of Sports and Youth Services from November 27 till December 16 over the premises at the Kalinga Stadium”. When asked about this decision, Vishal Dev has stated that it is not a new trend which he is going to follow and that Liquor has been served at numerous sporting events in a particular area restricted to special guests. He also stated that the liquor will not include any hard drink, but only beers and wines. But Indians do not like the idea of serving such spirits at an international level like this and that too based around their national sport.

Vishal Dev told the press that Liquor which will be served to the special guests are not being supplied by the host government but by the Beverage Partner of Hockey India. Therefore the state will not have to provide with any financial assistance to bring these liquor to these special guests. International Hockey Federation president Narinder Batra, also commented that there nothing to be surprised of because liquor is served at bigger events like the Olympics and Football World Cup. Hence, the media and press should not make a “big mountain out of a mole hill”.

Well, it seems liquor is going to be served at the Hockey World Cup 2018. But are you a supporter of this move? Not many people are by the way.