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5 Reasons There Is More To Life Than Marriage – Read This Before You Choose To Marry!

Every girl dreams of the big day when they will be all decked up in jewellery and expensive designer clothes. You did too, didn’t you? But is marriage the only goal in our lives? Not really there is so much more to life than just marriage. Things to do in life are endless. And marriage can never be the ultimate destiny or the fate of the girls. So it’s completely okay if you are not ready to marry yet. Still doubting yourself? These 5 reasons will show you how there are a lot more things to do in life other than marrying your prince charming, take a look!

5 Reasons Why Marriage Is Not The Ultimatum

  1.    Marriage cannot earn you prestige – you can never earn your own prestige just by marrying. Have a big house and a rich husband? But what did you achieve in your life? There’s so much more than just getting well respected and rich husband. Make sure you earn a name and status for yourself before you decide to marry your Mr. Perfect. After all the right man needs the right wife as well.
  2.    Your husband will never be your identity – you will always have an identity other than being identified as the wife of Mr. X. don’t you strive to be called by your very own identity which you created in the two-three decades. Ah, ladies, make a niche for yourself before you choose to marry your man.
  3.    Life isn’t about making babies – gone are the days when the only life goal of a woman was to make and nourish the babies. Now women are reaching the moon, doing things better than any man ever can. So there’s no need to lead a regressive life, go out and achieve the things that you have always wanted. There’s nothing stopping you, its okay to have bigger and better ambitions in life than making babies and looking after them.
  4.    Explore the world – life isn’t always about marrying and settling down. Explore the world with your earnings. Meet different people from all around the world and explore the various cultures. Who said single girls could not travel alone? Break the stereotypes and go out, enjoy your freedom.
  5.    Live on your own terms – marriage often means you will have to abide by the terms and conditions set by your partner? Why do that? Make sure you enjoy the freedom before you choose to settle and get married. Live life on your own terms with nothing holding you back. After all living recklessly is the real fun.

So these 5 reasons prove that there is more to life than marriage. Live, laugh, love and have fun while you can. Then when you feel like settling down, you can always marry your Mr.right and have a happy marriage. But don’t let marriage be your only goal in life. Be a strong independent woman and live your life as you want.