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Ten things that provide much more happiness than sex!

While talking about pleasure one word that sticks out minds immediately is sex. Though there might be some truth in it but contrary to the popular belief it is not like sex is the only thing that can give you pleasure. There is so much more that will make you feel even better and yet is not as hyped as sex! From splurging on yourself to getting yourself a good massage, these things will surely make you equally happy if not more than sex does. Have a look-

Simply having your favourite meal

Especially when you have your mom’s aloo paranthas sizzling with butter or that heavenly mix of Rajma Chawal! Munching on your favourite food can always lift up your spirit and get you in the mood. We highly doubt if sex can do the same!

Finally buying that thing you have been saving up for

Saving for those sassy heels or the super cool earphones that were a little out of your budget and then finally buying them and calling them your own, feels amazing doesn’t it? Trust me it feels even better than it sounds.

Having a sound sleep

So many people today who tend to have problems sleeping will surely understand the value of this point. Going to bed at night and waking up straight in the morning without any breaks or nasty dreams is certainly something which is so much better than the hyped feeling of sex.

Listening to your old song with your memories attached!

This is one of those feeling you cannot explain. Just listening to this song can bring alive old memories and moments that are evergreen in your heart. Truly one of the most beautiful feelings you can relate to.

Getting an answer right in your exam just by luck!

Ever stuck on a question and then relied on your luck? Then coming out of the exam hall just to find your luck actually worked!! Nothing can explain the few moments of ecstasy you feel when you get the answer right just by chance.

Getting that irritating bit of food stuck in your mouth finally out

Spending lots of time and pressure trying to get that stubborn piece of hell out of your teeth. We surely all have faced this problem, especially with popcorn kennels. And that victorious moment when your tongue can finally stop dancing around because you finally got rid of that stubborn particle, heavenly isn’t it?

Peeing after holding it for really long

It might be a long car journey or someplace where you had to stay for long with no washrooms but that surely makes you feel nasty, and then finally going to the washroom makes you feel thankful like never before for peeing. Such a relaxing feeling isn’t it?

Getting back into a warm blanket on a very cold winter morning!

Oh, what bliss! Getting your cold hands and feet finally back into the warm and cozy bed on a chilling winter morning. Absolutely nothing can top this feeling, even sex comes nowhere close!

Having a good massage after a tiring day

It might be super stressful gym workout or just a tiring day, in general, a good deep tissue, massage will make you feel so much better. If not that a good oil head massage given to you by your mom or grandmom or a shoulder massage by your partner can do just the trick!

A cup of coffee on a rainy day

It might be coffee or for you and tea for some others, the point is this little pleasure of life can beat sex any day. Be it that roadside chaiwaala or a hot piping cup of hazelnut cocoa praline, it will surely give you immense pleasure and lift your mood like never before.