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Do food supplements assist in weight gain?

Do food supplements cause you to gain weight??

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It is only normal for people to worry about their weight. If you are obese it is particularly because your calorie intake is higher in comparison to what you are burning. These extra calories are what turns into fat for your body. In order to reduce weight, you need to make some important changes in your life. Multivitamins provide you with all the essential nutrients you need in order for your body to function properly. Some people blame these food supplements for their weight gain as well. But is it true? Do you gain weight in due to these nutrients?

In total there are just 6 essential nutrients you need for your body to function healthily which are carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. But did you know that out of these 6 only three provide that is, carbohydrates, fat, and proteins that give you calories? The rest three of them provide vitamins to the body which in no way support weight gain. So, the short answer to the question do food supplements cause you to gain weight? Well no they don’t. Vitamins do not provide you with calories that contribute to weight gain.

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Although according to the American Association of Family Physicians it is best that you get your calories from the food you eat rather than taking additional supplements as it is easier for your body to absorb them. However, according to the, it is not the case with everyone as sometimes pregnant women often can not get adequate nutrients from the food they need and may need additional food supplements for their body’s proper requirements.

So don’t worry about those supplements but make sure you try and avoid those comfort foods in order to get back in shape and shed off those extra kilos! Lastly, a healthy lifestyle including meditation, yoga and exercise and a diet full of all the nutrients and the essential multivitamins will surely keep you healthy and ready to go always!