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Bollywood celebrities who have been a victim of casting couch

Bollywood is not always about gilts and glamour. At times it is dark and disgusting. Apart from the highest number of films produced in a year and the maximum number of aspiring actors trying their luck, Bollywood remains in headlines for one more other reason and it is “Casting Couch”.

However, Bollywood has been in denial for this in the face but we are sure it takes place under the sheets and behind the curtains. Time to time exposure of related incidents put a seal of confirmation over this.

Don’t believe in us?

Listen these Bollywood celebrities’ casting couch experience and find out by your own.

  1. Kangana Ranaut-


    Famed for her acting and bluntness, this actress has been always vocals about every aspect of her life whether it is a national award or casting couch. As per her, she too faced this dark devil once when it was giving auditions for her film, Tanu Weds Manu. However, being fearless, she denied the proposal at first and stick to her morals. Later, she was the one who took the help of social media to unveil this malice which mostly gets unnoticed and unseen.
  2. Mamta Kulkarni-

    mamta kulkarni

    Though the actress herself was a queen of controversies since her Bollywood debut, the casting couch didn’t spare her as well.  Her allegation was on famous director Rajkumar Santoshi. If we go by her words, she was asked for a sexual favor in return for a role in movie China Gate. She claimed that she denied the proposal, but another part of the story suggests that she did the compromise. Well, all these things come without a proof as who install cameras in their bedrooms.  
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  1. Ranveer Singh-

    ranveer singh

    Who says only women are the victim of casting couch? This vice has taken male actors in its nippers as well and Ranveer Singh is amongst them. In 2015, during the promotion of his film, Bajirao Mastani, the actor revealed how in his earlier days of struggles he was about to fall into the pit of casting couch once. He revealed that he was called by a casting director at his home in Andheri and upon reaching the actor found out that the man was interested in him more than his portfolio. The casting director told Ranveer to be open up to take and touch. Ranveer’s No left the director heartbroken.
  2. Radhika Apte

    radhikha apte

    The actress opens up about her experience with casting couch in the year 2016 while giving an interview for an entertainment website. She believes that she is not the first and last person who has experienced it. A lot of people go through it, only a handful talks about it. It is what that encourages casting couch. Stating about her experiences, she told how a South Indian actor called her once and tried his hand to be flirty with her. In another incident, she was getting a film in lure of one-night stand sexual relationship.
  3. Kalki Koechlin

    kalki koechlin

    Her unconventional beauty and guilelessness make her stands out of crowd. The Margarita with a Straw actor also opened up in the year 2015 to share her casting couch experience to make the world aware of its existence.  Without referring anyone special, she told how it tried to take a hold over her but she managed to escape.