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Things Never To Do To Your BFF

The holy commandment

Things Never To Do To Your BFF

Your best friend is your rock, you may not realize it, but they are. You fall back on them for everything and when they are busy for even a day, you life seems incomplete. This relationship comes with a set of ground rules too and if you break them, you may as well have broken your friendship.

1.Back bitch

Never ever talk about your best friend behind their backs. If they ever got to know about it, they will be devastated and there is no coming back from that.

2.Date their ex

This one is clearly understood. Never date one of their exes even if you like them and have great chemistry. There are a lot of boys out there, date them. Never your BFF’s ex. 

3.Secret no more

Don’t spill her secrets, if she’s telling you something so personal, it’s because she trusts you and knows that you will never judge her for it. So it is only fair that you keep that secret exactly what it is, a secret! 

4.Don’t judge

This is coming off from the above point. Don’t judge your BFF because of something she does or says or even her past. She is her own individual and she wants you to accept her for who she is. That is what Best friends do.

5.Choose a guy over her

Whenever given a choice to pick your bestie or a guy, always choose your bestie. Your friend will always stick around, can’t say about the guy though. 

Follow these commandments as the holy grail.