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Can a Lazy Person be Successful

Can a Lazy Person be Successful

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Walesa once said, “I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycles because they didn’t like walking or carrying things”. So I guess lazy people don’t really fail at life.

Its not wrong to spend the day binging at Netflix, you just have to keep track of your work. It is said that lazy people end up being more successful and are better employees when they are compared to others. But we gloriously tag them as “good for nothing”. Let’s go a few decades back, people like Carl Marks, Winton Churchill and Charles Darwin were considered incredibly lazy but absolute geniuses in their very own fields. They might lie around idle but ultimately they are the ones who know the efficiencies, shortcuts, how to cut down on time while working smoothly! Here are some ways to get the most out of them.

1. When it might seem that they are being slothful:

Unlike other people, people who are lazy don’t have their minds stuffed up with the unnecessary drama of life. So it might seem to you that they are just lying there ideal doing nothing. But, for them its most important that the working process is more interesting and less boring. So never shut up a lazy person for the mere reason of them being lethargic, you never know when a good idea pops out from their mind. They might turn out to be pretty entrepreneurial.

2. They might appear slow-moving:

A person who is lazy by nature will always try finding easier and better ways to get a thing done. They are definitely more creative when it comes to work. There is nothing more annoying to a lazy person than the mundane way of life, so they try getting creative with it. They will always find a shorter and better way to accomplish a thing. People were too lazy to clean their rooms manually so they invented a vacuum cleaner; they were too lazy to scoop out the soil so they invented a digging machine. So here it is, they find better ways! Let them relax.

3. They are taking too many breaks from work:

The most important thing about lazy people is that they know when to relax and take time off. They clearly know the more energy you will invest in smaller deeds the lesser you will have left to achieve to bigger goals. Stressing yourself over work and constantly running between deadlines can be bad to your body and to your mind as well. Being up late at night will only result in loss of memory and such people age faster. But being lazy you know when your body has had enough and you need a break. So, lazy people lay back and relax. You are not doing anything wrong.

4. They are always too stuck to their computers:

Nowadays technology seems to take over most of the people around, but lazy people use it in a way that will get their work done quicker. There are all sorts of programs and apps that help us with work twice as fast. People who aim on spending lesser energy always find better ways and will take help of technology for their work. So its no harm in finding shorter ways and doing work, it just saves time and increases efficiency.