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Beginning of lunar January begins with a stunning, big moon

Beginning of lunar January begins with a stunning, big moon

Whenever you head out tonight, look up at the stunning moon. The New Year’s night sky will be lit up with an awesome supermoon, much bigger and brighter than it usually is. This is because the nearest neighbor’s orbit is not completely circular so it moves closer and then further away over a period of time, when it gets near, the stunning supermoon can be seen.

One can get used to this sight. January will be a month of stunning supermoon and the New Year moon is already the second in the row of three supermoons after December. Later in January, there will come an event that Nasa has called the “super blue blood moon”. Since it is so close and big it is called super and blood because there will also be a lunar eclipse and blue because it is the second full moon of the month. The collision of the events will make for a super special sight which is very rare.

Supermoons have no real astronomical significance and they are uncommon but not very rare. Supermoons have entered a popular culture in the last few years and do have important effects like high or low tides. The sight of one is simply incredible, especially when seen from the right angle. They look huge and detailed with a feeling that the whole night is lit up more than usual. The world got to witness the sight on 3rd December, the first of the three full moons that are all super and it indeed made for some stunning pictures.

The moon will be full this time around on New Year’s Day, the phenomenon is visible a day or so before and after. The moon appeared much larger and brighter than normal on New Year’s. The first moon of January is sometimes called the “Wolf Moon”, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. This is because it would appear as if the wolves howled outside villages.