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Barack Obama defeats U.S President Donald Trump to become the most admired man

Barack Obama defeats U.S President Donald Trump to become the most admired man

Americans have chosen their most admired man and it is not their current president Donald Trump! According to the recent polls conducted by Gallup which was released this Wednesday Barack Obama, the ex-U.S President is the most admired man of the year 2017. Hilary Clinton stood for the most admired woman for the same.

Obama has bagged this title for the 10th time since 2008 and every year since his presidency. Although this is his first win since he left his presidency, the charm of this commendable man does not seem to go down. Hilary Clinton, on the other hand, has been winning this for 16 consecutive years and has been awarded a total of 22 times. She currently holds the highest record for the winner in the Gallup poll held every year. Her closest contender is Eleanor Roosevelt who has also won the title a total of 12 times. Although Hilary won with a little margin as that compared of her last year wins and Michelle Obama is right behind her. Hilary has also won the award in 2002 with as little as 7% but her this year turnout was not that great either with just 9% votes. Obama’s votes have also been cut down this year as he won with 22% last year and this year he won with 17% of the vote. The current US president does not lag far behind with a total of 14% votes for the most admired man of the US title. Trump has now joined other presidents like Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and George W. Bush who didn’t finish first during at least a year of their term.

The poll was conducted via telephone starting since the 4th of December 2017. it was conducted with citizens living in the US aged above 18, and a total of 1049 adult’s answer was taken in for the poll. The margin of error is as little as 4% and Gallup boasts of 95% accuracy.

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