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Delhi cops seize over 20,000 tubes of chemical, bust ‘teen drug’ racket

Delhi cops seize over 20,000 tubes of chemical, bust ‘teen drug’ racket

The solution which is known as “sulochen” was sold to teenagers who abused it as a drug. Police officials say the solution is the most commonly abused drug among the homeless children across the city, many of whom take to petty crimes.

A man who allegedly pilfered an adhesive solution and illegally sold it to minors was arrested by the police last week. Nearly 20,000 tubes of the chemical amounting to INR 4.15 lakh have been allegedly seized from his possession. Eight others, including four minors have also been held as a part of the city police’s investigation into the case.

Raj Kumar Gupta who runs a spare parts shop at SP Mukherjee Marg in central Delhi has allegedly pilfered the stocks of adhesive and sold it at a higher price to the children through an illegal supply network. Police mentioned that they have booked him and apprehended juveniles under the amended section 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act which makes it an offence against a child, if a person is found to have been giving a minor any intoxicant.

Another senior police officer mentioned that the first clue about the pilferage network was received from the case of a minor boy who was caught stealing on a bus on December 7. A man brought a child to the Daryaganj police station and mentioned that the 13 year old, who appeared to be drugged, was attempting to pick pockets.

MS Randhawa, DCP (Central) said that the boy informed them that he bought the solution from one Noor Mohammad who sells them to children on the pavement near the Red Fort traffic signal. Based on the location provided by the child, a trap was laid to arrest Noor Mohammad and a total of 120 tubes were seized from his possession. Based on the information provided by Noor Mohammad during the questioning, four juveniles were apprehended with 20 tubes of the solution each. Apart from the three minors, three adults were also caught with 20 tubes each.

All of them have been put under interrogation and the supply source for all of them was traced to a shop in Mukherjee Marg near Old Delhi Railway Station. The owner of the shop, Gupta was arrested with 19,440 tubes of the solution after a raid at the shop and the warehouse. Gupta has been involved in selling the adhesive for the past ten years. Upon realizing that there was more profit if he sold it to minors, he focused his attention on the children. The police have written to his wholesale suppliers about his past bulk purchases in order to establish how long he had been illegally selling the solution to children. Another police officer said that the gang used to sell the tubes for ₹80-90 while Gupta bought the tube for ₹30.