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In an attempt to combat air pollution, New Delhi tests anti-smog gun

In an attempt to combat air pollution, New Delhi tests anti-smog gun

The anti-smog gun is a machine which sprays atomized water into the air and it is expected that it will bring down the pollution levels. The device is shaped like a hair dryer and it will be mounted on a flatbed truck, it was tested in the Anand Vihar area of New Delhi.

Imran Hussain, Delhi Environment Minister mentioned that they will observe the difference in pollution levels, if any, after the trial run. If successful, the gun will be rolled out in the streets of Delhi with an aim to combat air pollution.

Based on a US Embassy measure, the level of PM 2.5 which is a test of the quantity of liquid droplets and solid particles in the air-stood at 408, which is more than eight times the upper limit of good air quality at 50. Nevertheless, this is an improvement over last week when the levels of pollution climbed to 12 times above the recommended limit.

A varied combination of vehicle exhaust, industrial pollution, farmers burning stubble and dust enveloping the Northern India and slowing down of wind speeds each year contributes to the pollution in the National Capital.