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Top 7 most popular dog breeds in India

Top 7 most popular dog breeds in India

A dog is often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’. Dogs are loyal, affectionate and intelligent animals. They hold unconditional amount of love for their owner and is undoubtedly one of the best pets to be adopted. Most of the dogs which are majorly popular among Indians are imported. Here is a list of the most popular breeds of dogs in India.

1. Chihuahua:

 A tiny toy sized dog with large round eyes and erect ears, a Chihuahua is a lively, adventurous dog, good as a companion. Weighing around 1-3 kgs, the dog’s body is  longer than its tail, head well rounded apple shaped and short pointed muzzle. Its coat does not require much grooming and the colors it is available in are chestnut, fawn, black, silver, steel blue, tan, sable and white.

2. Beagles:

Beagles are the most  adorable and preferred dog breed, worldwide. They are  extremely friendly and intelligent and has a lifespan of around 12-15 years. It is also used as a sniffer dog in airports because of its strong sense of smell and also because of its small size.  It weighs around 20-25 kgs and is tricolor or white in combination with black and tan or brown. 

3. Great Dane:

It is one of the most intelligent and obedient dog and can be trained well because of its intelligence. It is very friendly and doesn’t shy away from loving the people around him. It is a large dog and has a lifespan of 6 to 12 years. Weighing around 45-90 kgs, it comes in  black,blue, fawn, mantle, harlequin and brindle colors.

4. Bullmastiff:

 A very strong built dog with immense intelligence, Bullmastiff is a  very active and agile dog. It is also good at tracking, carting and therapy has a lifespan of around 8 to 10 years and weighs about 50-59 kgs. The color of this dog breed can vary from tabby, grayish brown to even red.

5. Boxer:

A very intelligent, sporty dog which is very easy to train, Boxer’s are one of the best guard dogs to keep because of its large body and head, a square muzzle and strong jaws. It is protective by nature and is often used as guide for blind people. Other than this it is also gentle and friendly. It is found in colours like  brindle, fawn and white.

6. Golden Retriever:

They are one of the most popular pets to keep because of their loving and obedient nature. They can be well trained and excel at competitions. Making good watchdogs, and are sturdy, good looking and medium-sized. They weigh around 27 to 32kgs. Their coat is beautiful and come in cream and rich golden in colours. Their outer coat is water resistant and dense which requires regular grooming. They have  a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

7. Lhasa Apso:

It is a Tibetan non- sporting dog. It weights around 5.4- 8.2 kgs and has a double coat.  the texture of its coat is straight, hard and very dense which requires regular grooming. It is very loyal to its owner and sceptical of strangers.  The average lifespan, for it is 12-14 years.