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Puberty Rituals Around The World that You Won't Believe

Puberty Rituals Around The World that You Won't Believe

The leap in from young age to adulthood can vary from culture to culture. Some cultures welcome the transformation to getting older with unusually attractive rituals and practices but some with rather scary practices. The coming of older age is very crucial in many cultures, it might be morbid but definitely important. Here is a list of weird puberty rituals around the world that you won't believe.

1. Drinking an Elders' Semen:

In Papua New Guinea’s Etoro tribe, the boys are expected to drink their elder’s semen once they enter adulthood. Drinking semen is thought to be a way to achieve bravery and strength. The Etoro tribe is mainly known for its ritual homosexual acts.

2. Breast Ironing:

A practice that will send chills down your spine. It is a ritual that is performed in Africa and is called as "Breast Flattening". After hitting their puberty girls are made to go through this procedure in which their chest are repeatedly pounded with hot heavy objects such as large stones, a hammer, or a spatula to compress the breast tissue. It is done with the knowledge of mother and daughter and not of the father.

3. Iria Ceremony:

It is a ritual of the Orika tribe in Nigeria. The people of this tribe believe that young girls have a romantic relationship with water spirits. After they enter adulthood they must go down to a river and perform the Iria ritual which involves singing songs to break their bond with the water spirits.

4. Gwan Rye, South Korea:

After all these morbid rituals here comes one which celebrates adulthood in a nice positive manner. In this Korean men and women, around 20 years old celebrate Gwan Rye. Women traditionally wear an ornamental hairpin and a hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, and receive three symbolic gifts: perfume, roses, and a kiss.

5. Mardudjara Circumcision:

It is a practice of the Aborigine tribe where boys are sent off to the woods where they are made to swallow their own foreskin after the elders circumcise them. After all this, their genitals are mutilated and they are made to stand bleeding over an open fire.

6. Getting extensive body tattoos:

Girls in Paraguay and Brazil get extensive tattoos because it is considered as a  sign of sexual attractiveness in a woman and girls. They get tattoos mainly on their stomachs, breasts, and backs. Getting a tattoo is all about the guy finding the girl more attractive nobody cares how much pain the girl goes through in the process.

7. Boys from Satere-Mawe, wear gloves made of fire ants:

A tradition which is both physically and mentally exhausting. Boys which are 12 years old are told to collect bullet ants from the forest, and then weave the bugs into pairs of gloves. First, the ants are sedated but come to full charge once worn as gloves. The ritual aims at teaching young boys that “a life lived without suffering anything or without any kind of effort is not worth anything, at all”. Young boys of this tribe are raised with the purpose of becoming warriors constantly in mind.