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Assembly Elections 2017: BJP wins Gujarat with clear majority

Assembly Elections 2017: BJP wins Gujarat with clear majority

In the final verdict for Gujarat elections, BJP is the sixth time winner keeping Congress and its allies at the number two spot. Although, they came quite close, surprising everybody. The actual different is the presence of BJP at the grass root level which Congress could not defeat. The difference in numbers will soon be forgotten and people will remember that BJP won the 2017 Assembly election in Gujarat.

The answer for the win lies in the grass root network of the BJP. In Gujarat, aggressive campaigning skills were displayed by Rahul Gandhi and he led from the front. But the Congress lost despite the Hardik Patel factor working in its favor. The BJP has a strong and committed cadre at the grassroots which is similar to that of the Left Front in West Bengal. Besides the workers from the RSS and its affiliates who have a strong reach at the root level, BJP has a committed cadre of its own. This gives BJP an edge over the Congress as the latter has lost the connectivity at the grass root. The front organization of Congress, Seva Dal which once worked at grassroots level for the party has almost been nonexistent in Gujarat for more than 40 years.

The victories of BJP are attributed to Modi and Amit Shah, who are exceptional at cadre management. Apart from the charisma of Narendra Modi, it is the micromanagement skills and party cadre of Amit Shah which ensured their victory in the State. Shah had laid out a foolproof blueprint for the elections-from planning to booth level management and the party workers were assigned specific tasks and responsibilities at multiple levels. BJP gives an opportunity to every worker to rise to higher levels without having any political background and that is the driving force for the workers.

Another key strength of the BJP has been the mobilization of voters. This also depends on a strong cadre at the grass root level. Apart from the traditional pockets, the BJP and RSS cadre also penetrated into the Muslim dominated seats in Gujarat, which thus broke the myth that Muslims never vote for the BJP.

Muslims broke the myth by voting for BJP. There are about 22 Muslim dominated seats in Gujarat with 55% Muslim voters. Without their contribution, BJP could not have been able to win the election. The BJP cadre worked at the grass root and penetrated the pockets by undertaking the task of distribution of voting slips to booth level mobilization.